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Dr. Susanne Still

Information and Computer Sciences

Director, Machine Learning Laboratory

Cooperating Graduate Faculty
Department of Physics and Astronomy

College of Natural Sciences
University of Hawaii at Mānoa
11/14-17, 2019 Invited conference talk, Montreal AI and Neuroscience (MAIN), Montreal, Canada.
10/21/2019 Thermodynamic cost and benefit of memory accepted by Physical Review Letters
10/2019 FQXi Grant, Intelligence in Context, with Lee Altenberg and Chris Watkins
10/2019 FQXi Grant, Maxwell's demon in the real world, with John Bechhoefer and David Sivak.
8/24-11/1/2019 Visiting Prof. Dr. R. Renner's group at ITP, ETHZ. Thanks to the Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies.
7/20-25/2019 Invited conference talk, Foundational Questions Institute, 6th International C onference, Toscany, Italy.
7/8-10/2019 Invited conference talk, The Physics of Evolution, The Francis Crick Institute, London.
3/28/2019 Elan Stopnitzky defends his thesis: ``Physics of information in nonequilibrium systems" (PhD in Physics).
3/25/2019 Marginal and Conditional Second Laws of Thermodynamics (with Gavin Crooks) published in EPL (Europhysics Letters).
1/7/2019 Manoa Mini-Symposium on 
Physics of Adaptive Computation
1/3-5/2019 Thermodynamic Computing CCC workshop, Honolulu
10/12/2018 Foundational Questions Institute Grant: Thermodynamics of Agency
08/25-31/2018 Invited conference talk, Runde workshop, Runde Island, Norway.

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