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Hawaii Pacific Journal Index
An index to magazines and journals published in or about Hawaii and the Pacific.

Hawaii Pacific Journal Index - Journal Titles
Listing of the magazines and journals indexed in HPJI.


Hawaii - Independent and Sovereign
Provides information and links to legal, historical and cultural information relating to the restoration of the independence of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Kingdom
The primary objective of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government is to expose the occupation of our nation ... and to provide a foundation for transition and the ultimate end of the occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom [by the U.S].

Hawaiian Sovereignty: Thinking Carefully About It
This website is produced for the purpose of probing some of the historical, legal, and moral arguments made by Hawaiian sovereignty activists. Readers will quickly discover that this website has a bias, which is opposed to the bias of those activists who claim that the Kingdom still exists. It is opposed to the claim that there is any legal, historical, or moral right for kanaka maoli to seize control of the entirety of Hawai'i with voting rights and property rights being held by kanaka maoli to the exclusion of non-kanaka maoli.

Kingdom of Hawaii

Ka Lahui Hawaii
Website is down.

Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty

By Poka Laenui (also known as Hayden Burgess) with the Institute for the Advancement
of Hawaiian Affairs.



Website dedicated to federal recognition for Native Hawaiians. Maintained by OHA.

Stop the Akaka Bill - Kue!
Information and news on efforts to stop federal recognition.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior - Native Hawaiian Information

DOI documents relating to federal recognition issue.



Directory of Historical Records Repositories in Hawaii

Hawaii State Archives

Hawaii State Archives catalog

Bishop Museum Library & Archives
Bishop Museum Library & Archives Catalogs

Hawaii State Public Library System

Hawaii State Public Library System catalog

Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau Library

Hawaii CARD Network

Hawaii Library Association





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