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Online Access via Proquest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT)

Users can obtain access by connecting from Hamilton or Sinclair Library computers, or by connecting remotely and logging in with a valid UHM Library card.

Dissertations from 1997 forward are available in PDF format. Note that the document you want may not be available online yet. Dissertations are made available as Proquest receives and processes them. Proquest is slowly but steadily digitizing older dissertations retrospectively. Some of 1996 has been digitized, and selected titles from before 1996 are available in pdf format.

Formerly known as UMI/Bell & Howell Digital Dissertations, PQDT includes citations listed in Dissertations Abstracts International and Masters Abstracts International. Works from more than 1,000 graduate schools and universities dating back to 1861 are indexed in and/or available through PQDT.

Notes on UHM dissertations and theses in PQDT:

  • UHM requires that its doctoral graduates send their dissertations to Proquest. Exemptions to this requirement are granted to graduates with firm plans to publish their research (i.e. a book contract). Master's graduates are not required to send their theses to Proquest, but some choose to do so.
  • To search only for UH dissertations or theses, in the advanced search, select School name/code and enter Hawai'i in the search box. Use an apostrophe instead of an okina. This will search for UH-Manoa, UH-Hilo and University of Hawaii titles.

Library Access to Paper and Microform Copies

The Hawaiian Collection at UHM Library is the official repository for all UHM dissertations and theses. The original paper copy is available at the Hawaiian Collection at Hamilton Library, and in most cases a microform copy is available at the microforms room at Hamilton Library.

Each title is listed in our library's catalog. Titles that have not been cataloged yet are listed on the Hawaiian Collection's webpage.

Obtaining Copies of UHM Dissertations and Theses

Copies via UHM Library:

Self-service photocopy. If you are at Hamilton Library, you may make photocopies from our paper or microform copies. Library photocopy machines charge 10 cents per page if you are using cash, or 7 cents per page if you are using a photocopy debit card.

Photocopy through External Services Program. You may request a photocopy through ESP. Charges start at $12 for the first 20 pages plus 25 cents per page thereafter.

Interlibrary loan. Non-UHM researchers might be able to arrange an interlibrary loan, either through their home library, or by contacting ESP. Fees may apply.

Copies via Proquest/UMI:

PDF copies of most recent and some older dissertations are available via Proquest Dissertations and Theses (see information above). If you are connecting from Hamilton or Sinclair Libraries, or if you are connecting remotely using a valid UHM Library card, these copies are available at no charge to you. Non-UHM researchers affiliated with an educational or research institution should check to see if they have access to PQDT
through their library.

Paper, microform and PDF copies of dissertations and theses are available for sale from Proquest/UMI.

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