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ES350, Assignment #2 (online version)
ES350, Assignment #2 (print version)
For ES 350, Spring 2010.

Research Strategy, for HWST 601
For HWST 601. Joan Hori, Fall 2009.

Research Strategy, for HWST 640
For HWST 640. Joan Hori, Fall 2009.

Contemporary Hawaiian Biography for Hawaiian Studies 640
For HWST 640. Joan Hori, Fall 2009.

Using EndNote
Dore Minatodani, Fall 2009.

Hawaiian Biography - Library Search Strategy
For HAW 602. Joan Hori, Fall 2009.

Hawaiian Genealogies and Biographies - Reference Sources
For HAW 602. Joan Hori, Fall 2009.

Surfing - Kapu, Heiau and Prayer
The call numbers listed here are for UHM Library. Many of the titles listed are available at other libraries and in older editions or printings; check the catalog. Compiled by Genie Alvarado (KCC Library) and Dore Minatodani, Summer 2009.

Population Trends in Post-Contact Hawaiʻi
Compiled by Dore Minatodani, 2008.

Hawaiian genealogies [pdf]
Reference sources in Hamilton Library. Includes collections of genealogies, anti-annexation lists, indexes of births, marriages,and deaths, cemetery directories, land ownership, indexes to court cases, census, city directories, biographical directories and immigration records. Compiled by Joan Hori, 2006.

Genealogies from Hawaiian language newspapers
View full-text of selected genealogies. Na mookuauhau Hawaii. Na mookuauhau i pai ia i loko o na nupepa Hawaii, a i pai ole ia i loko o na puke i kakau ia e Edith McKinzie.

Māhele awards [pdf]
Bibliography of indexes, registers, testimonies and awards.

Māhele land awards and land ownership in Hawaiʻi [pdf]
Bibliography of history, land awards, public land trusts, Hawaiian home lands and State land inventory. Compiled by Joan Hori, Spring 2006.

Hawaiʻi place names [pdf]
Resources for researching places in Hawaiʻi. Sources in maps, heiau, fishponds, songs and chants, winds and rains, and by islands.

Hawaiian language dissertations and theses
UH Mānoa and Non-UHM dissertations and theses about the Hawaiian Language, up to 2006. Excludes Pidgin English. Revised by Krissy Kahikina.

The written record of Hawaiʻi's women
Annotated bibliography and guide to reference sources on women in Hawaiʻi. Compiled by Chieko Tachihata and Agnes Conrad.
(pdf version)

Older Pages

Hawaiʻi community analysis: population statistics, including U.S.Census 2000 [pdf]
Compiled by Dore Minatodani, 2005.

Hawaiʻi community analysis: health statistics [pdf]
Reference sources of statistics on health in Hawaiʻi. Compiled by Dore Minatodani, September 2002.

History of education in Hawaiʻi [pdf]
Selected sources of department reports, school reports, laws and legislation, school directories, general history, schools' histories, educators and curriculum. Compiled by Chieko Tachihata and Dore Minatodani, June 2000.

Na mo'olelo mai na nupepa kahiko
Articles from Hawaiian Language Newspapers collected by Laiana Wong under the direction of Larry Kimura for the "Hawaiian Language Project." August 1997.

Multicultural teaching bibliography
Addresses the cultural values and learning styles of students of minority languages and cultures in Hawaii. This bibliography concentrates on works about Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, and Southeast Asians. Compiled by Joan Hori and Sherie Gusukuma, January 1997.

Aina in history: a selected bibliography
From the 2nd History Conference, Sponsored by the Hawaiian Historical Society, Hawai'i Loa Campus of Hawai'i Pacific University. October 19, 1996. Compiled by Chieko Tachihata.

Local identity bibliography
Brief bibliography. Sections include social-political, literature, and newspaper articles. Compiled by Joan Hori, September 1996.

Amy K. Stillman's Hawaiian Chants and Hawaiian Songs indexes (older version)
Indexes and lists of Hawaiian chants and songs in published and recorded sources. Compiled by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman.

Amy K. Stillman's Hawaiian Chants: An Index of Published Sources and Audio Recordings(newer version)
Amy K. Stillman's Hawaiian Songs: An Index of Published Songbooks(newer version)
Indexes and lists of Hawaiian chants and songs in published and recorded sources. Compiled by Amy Kuʻuleialoha Stillman.




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