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COVERS: Lihue Plantation Co., Ahukini Terminal & Railway Co., East Kauai Water Co., Hanamaulu Store, Kauai Planters' Assn., Kekaha Sugar, Kipu Sugar, Koloa Agricultural, Koloa Sugar, Lihue Hospital, Lihue Store, Lihue Union Church, Oahu Sugar, Pioneer Mill, Makee Sugar Co., Princeville Plantation Co., Waiahi Electric Co., Waianae Co.

FIELD CODES: SC=sugar company, SER=series, TITLE, LOC=location, KW#=keywords, SHORTCOM=short comments, BMM/EMM=beginning/ending month, BYYY/EYYY=beginning/ending year

SERIES CODES: C=correspondence, CC=cultivation contracts, CR=corporate records, FR=financial records, MIS=miscellaneous records, MPF=manager's personal files, OC=other company records, P=personnel and payroll records, PR=production records


1) Before submitting requests, see Use and Access.

2) When filling out a request form, use these field codes:

- In Item/Box/File No., enter sugar company (SC) and location (LOC)
- In Brief Title/Description, enter title (TITLE)


The finding aid database printout for LPC - Lihue Plantation Co. has been split into three:

LPC - Lihue Plantation Co. 1/3

LPC - Lihue Plantation Co. 2/3

LPC - Lihue Plantation Co. 3/3


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