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COVERS: Hamakua Sugar Co., Laupahoehoe Sugar Co., Hawaii Planters Assoc., Laupahoehoe Store, Hamakua Mill Co., Paauilo Store, Kukaiau Plantation, Kaiwiki Sugar Co., Ookala Store

FIELD CODES: SC=sugar company, SER=series, TITLE, LOC=location, KW#=keywords, SHORTCOM=short comments, BMM/EMM=beginning/ending month, BYYY/EYYY=beginning/ending year

SERIES CODES: C=correspondence, CC=cultivation contracts, CR=corporate records, FR=financial records, MIS=miscellaneous records, MPF=manager's personal files, OC=other company records, P=personnel and payroll records, PR=production records


1) Before submitting requests, see Use and Access.

2) When filling out a request form, use these field codes:

- In Item/Box/File No., enter sugar company (SC) and location (LOC)
- In Brief Title/Description, enter title (TITLE)


The finding aid database printout for LSC - Laupahoehoe Sugar Co. has been split into three:

LSC - Laupahoehoe Sugar Co. 1/3

LSC - Laupahoehoe Sugar Co. 2/3

LSC - Laupahoehoe Sugar Co. 3/3


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