Research Projects and Assorted Papers

Shawn Ford


Institutionalizing SoTL in the Community College: An Examination of a Community College- University Research Partnership (PDF)
(TESOL Chapter from the Perspectives on Community College ESL Series Faculty, Administration, and the Working Environment)

Professional Development of TESL Teacher Training Summer Program
(SLS 680P Program Administration term project- minus actual budgetary figures)

The Use of Pragmatics in E-mail Requests Made by Second Language Learners of English
(PDF downloadable file, originally appearing in the Japanese Society of Language Sciences, JSLS-5)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: The Political Role of Research at Kapi‘olani Community College
(EDEF 675 Politics of Education term paper)

"How do You Become a Samurai?": Shifting Expert-Novice Relationships in ESL Chat Room Conversation
(SLS 680E Language Socialization research paper)
(The original version of this paper is also available as a downloadable PDF file.)

“*** lurker has been removed by moderator ***”: Negotiating Entry into Internet Video Chat
(SLS 760- Misunderstanding Talk research paper)

A Cross-sectional Study of Pragmatic Usage in making Academic E-mail Requests
(SLS 680E Pragmatic Development research paper)

Language Planning for Generation-1.5 Students: ACC Curriculum Evaluation Project
(SLS 675 & 775 curriculum evaluation research project)

English Language Institute (ELI) Language Policy Proposal
(SLS 660- Sociolinguistics research paper)

Ethnography of Communication
(SLS 660- Sociolinguistics research paper)

Personal Philosophy of Teaching
(SLS 690 Teaching Practicum term paper)

The 'Four Knows' of Content Area Tutoring- Handbook
(chapter from the College Reading and Learning Association Tutor Training Handbook)

Language Shift among Hawaii’s Japanese-Americans
(undergrad independent study project- incomplete version)

Phonemic Inventory of an English/ Japanese Bilingual one-year-old
(Linguistics 470- Childhood Language Development research paper)

Contrastive Analysis and Tutorial Report of English & Japanese
(SLS 460- English Phonology research paper)

Language Mixing Among Bilingual Children: a Case Study
(SLS 380- Bilingualism research project)

Interlanguage Observation: Japanese/ English
(SLS 302- Language Learning research project)

A Brief Sketch of the Korean Language: Selected Features
(follow-up project for my first linguistics research paper)

Language Sketch No. 1: A Study of Korean
(my first linguistics research paper)

The 'Four Knows' of Content Area Tutoring
(undergrad independent study report)

The Failure of the 16th Century Japanese Invasions of Korea
(undergrad history term paper)

Reconciling Taoism and Confucianism
(undergrad Asian Studies term paper)

Jesus Christ the Anarchist
(my first college paper


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