The Basics of Homebrewing: Info

Instructor: Shawn Ford

In this 5 week introductory workshop series, you will learn all of the basics to brew your own delicious homebrew right in your own kitchen.

Week one begins the series with an introduction to the topic, a look at the various kinds of beers you can easily make on your own, and an overview of the history of that nectar among fermented liquids in the USA and throughout the world.

During the second workshop, we will brew our ale. We'll take a look at the equipment needed to brew a basic batch and discuss some of the jargon of the hobby. By the end of this lesson you should know your wort from your mash.

At the third workshop, we'll rack our wort into the secondary. We'll also review jargon and thoroughly discuss sanitation (i.e., I'll indelibly etch sanitation into your brain.)

The fourth workshop in the series will be for bottling and kegging our hearty brew. We'll bottle half of our batch so that you can take a few bottles home with you to enjoy at your leisure, and we'll keg the other half of our batch for the fifth workshop session.

The fifth, and last, workshop in the series will be for sampling our sweet nectar. Afterwards, you'll be one of the few, the proud... a homebrewer!


© 2006 Shawn Ford/ Webb-Ed Press