Overall Directions:

You will benefit the most from this assignment if you complete one section at a time without skipping ahead.

Section One: Definition of Netiquette

"What is Netiquette? Simply stated, it's network etiquette -- that is, the etiquette of cyberspace. And etiquette means 'the forms required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be required in social or official life.' In other words, Netiquette is a set of rules for behaving properly online.

“When you enter any new culture -- and cyberspace has its own culture -- you're liable to commit a few social blunders. You might offend people without meaning to. Or you might misunderstand what others say and take offense when it's not intended. To make matters worse, something about cyberspace makes it easy to forget that you're interacting with other real people -- not just ASCII characters on a screen, but live human characters.

“So, partly as a result of forgetting that people online are still real, and partly because they don't know the conventions, well-meaning cybernauts, especially new ones, make all kinds of mistakes.” (Shea, 1994).


Type your answers onto a word document, saved as yourname_netiquette.doc