Overall Directions:

You will benefit the most from this assignment if you complete one section at a time without skipping ahead.

All of the examples given in this assignment are just examples. You will have individual experiences with language use. This is what I want you to think about while doing this assignment.

Keep in mind that the ideas discussed in this assignment are not specific to any one language; in fact, they apply to all languages. Therefore, while doing this assignment, think about all of the languages that you use in your normal life.

Section One: Personal Written Discourse

Begin the assignment by completing the following short activity. Type your responses onto a word document, saved as yourname_discourse.doc

1. Think about the different kinds of writing that you've done over the past year.
     List as many as you can think of.
     Ex: letters, emails, lists, essays, tests, notes, application forms…

2. Think about the kinds of writing that you listed in #1 above. Now, write down their audiences and their purposes.
     List as many as you can think of.
     Ex: 1. a letter to my parents for money, 2. an essay exam for entering the university…