Desert Island Free-write



Imagine... you're on a beautifully peaceful cruise of the Hawaiian Islands...



when your cruise ship gets caught in a terrible hurricane...



and the ship gets smashed to pieces by the hurricane's wind and waves!

Luckily for you, as the ship goes down, you are thrown into an old steamer trunk that closes shut, knocking you unconscious and locking you inside.
Inside the water-tight steamer trunk, you are tossed around by the hurricane's huge waves and carried off across the ocean.


Later, waking up in the dark trunk, you at first think you've died.

Then, you realize that you're alive... but why is it so dark, and why can't you move very much?

You kick and punch and claw to get out of your temporary coffin, until finally...BANG!...the top of the trunk flings open.

You're free! But where are you?

Well, you aren't aware of this until much later, but you have landed on one of the tiny islands at the northwestern end of the Hawaiian Island chain...



You have shipwrecked on the tiny, deserted island of Layson...



home to nothing but sea birds and Hawaiian monk seals.



A desert island is an island that is completely uninhabited by people. Depending on your perspective, a desert island can be completely horrible, or it can be a welcome change from civilization.

After figuring out that you are on a desert island somewhere in the vast Pacific Ocean, you begin to wander around your new environment to look at the surroundings. Other than the birds and seals, there are lots and lots of crabs on the beaches that ring the island, coconut trees everywhere, mangrove forests scattered across the small island, and a small hill in the center of the island.

It appears that you are totally buildings or other signs of humans can be found on the island. But you keep searching for something...anything.

Until finally, far down one beach, you hear a raucus noise. From a distance, you can see a large group of monk seals hopping about the beach and barking loudly. A flock of sea birds circles above them. As you get closer, you see what the fuss is all about...there's another person laying on the beach at the water's edge!

You rush to the person's side and help the newfound companion gain consciousness. Then the two of you continue scouring the island together for any other signs of the shipwreck. Finally, you find three things from the ship that you can use during your time on the island.


Write about your experience with becoming ship-wrecked on the desert island.

  1. Would this be a bad experience or a great experience?

  2. If the person you you found on the desert island could be anybody in the world, any one person, who would you want that person to be and why?

  3. If those three things you also found from the ship could be anything imaginable in the world that could possibly be on a cruise ship, what would you want those three things to be and why?
    Be careful with these items. If you find something that needs electricity or batteries, you've also got to find electricity or batteries. If you find cigarettes, you've got to find something to light them with. If you find cans of food, you need to find something to open the cans with. Etc., etc., etc.

  4. Also, is your goal while you're stuck on the island trying to figure out how to get off the island, how to be comfortable while you're on the island, or how you can permanently stay on the island?

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