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Student Dating Issues
Hitomi, Kaori, Mami

Both: Hello, everybody.

M: We are ESOL News. This is Mami.

K: Hi, This is Kaori.

M: Let’s start today's news.

K: Ok, what news are we having today?

M: Today, we are going to talk about dating. Do you have international boyfriend, Kaori?

K: No! But we can see many couples on street in Hawaii. How about KCC, do you know?

M: No, I want to know. We did survey on international dating.

K: Yes, we surveyed 40 students in the KCC campus.

M: How many students do they have boyfriend or girlfriend?

K: Only ten students have. On the other hand, thirty students don’t have.

M: Wow! I thought much more students have international partner.

K: Well…. Eight students had their boyfriend or girlfriend in the past.

M: How about rate of girl and boy who have partners?

K: Why?

M: Because there is stereotype about Asian boys that they are not popular among American girls.

K: Actually, It is just a stereotype. Asian boys who answered this survey and Asian girls were same rate.

M: I see…. By the way, I heard that international couples have some problems like language or culture. Could you find about these issues?

K: Yes, I could. All of them have problems with language and they are annoyed by partner’s cultural habits.

M: Really? Could you tell me detail?

 K: Ok! Our reporter Hitomi is out side. She is going to report us result of interview. Hi, Hitomi. Where are you? Please tell us their detail stories.

H: Hi, guys! I’m in the cafeteria now. We can see some international couples here, however, they said that they have some problems. You know, all couple have problems every time, but international couple have special problems. One of the most serious problems is communication. Especially, they said that it is difficult to communicate on phone because they can’t use body language. Also, it is hard to talk about serious issues between them. Many students said that they could not tell their detail feeling and make many misunderstandings when they had fight so that it was very stressful. Can you imagine? I think you have had boyfriend or girlfriend; didn’t you have fight with them? And, when you got anger you cannot control yourself and speak faster. It is too stressful, but for international couples this feeling come twice or more times than same nationality couples. There is another problem about culture. Especially, Japanese students said that their American boyfriends do not take off their shoes when they enter the Japanese students’ room. For Japanese, it looks very dirty. And one of the Japanese boy said that his girlfriend was Islam and she worshiped every day, and while she was worshipping he could not speak to her so that it was annoying for him. There are so many differences between international couples, and the differences cause many argue. That’s all. Thank you, Kaori. Now back to the studio!

K: Thank you, Hitomi. It was interesting result.

M: International students have many difficulties! I think this problem may be a reason that many couples break up.

K: Oh, actually, these problems do not become a reason to break up.

M: Really? So, how do they solve these problems?

K: In our survey, all students said that they have never broken up because of culture. Let’s ask Hitomi about detail! Hi again, Hitomi!

H: Hi! Yes!! They said that they break up just because of character.  They try to talk a lot until they understand each opinion and also, they try to understand each culture. I am so happy to know about it. Back to studio! Good- bye everyone.

K: Good-bye. Thank you, Hitomi. Yeah. If they could not understand each other, it would be impossible to get international marriage, right?

M: I agree. Kaori, which information were you interested in?

K: I was so surprised that the stereotype that Asian boys cannot make international girlfriend in the U.S. was completely wrong. I believed in this stereotype and I think many Asian boys believe in it the same as me. Hey, Asian boys! You can make international girlfriends in the U.S.!!! Yeah!!!

M: Yeah! Good luck, Asian Boys!

K: How about you, Mami?

M: I thought international couples break up because of language or culture problems. But in the reality international couples break up the same as couples who are same nationalities. For example, the reasons are discord of character or the difference of vision in their future. We could learn many things from this project, couldn’t we?

K: Yeah, of course we could.

M: Thank you Hitomi for report and thank you Kaori supporting me. You guys did a good job! It’s time to say good-bye to everybody. I hope you enjoyed our news. Have a nice day, bye!

K: Good-bye!

© KCC - ESOL 197-0 Students, Summer 2005