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Women's Civil Rights
Yoshie Takeda

What Have Been the Major Improvements in Women’s Civil Rights?

What Are Some of the Current Issues Regarding Women’s Civil Rights?

    A long time ago, many women fought for women’s civil rights, and their actions changed society. Everyone considered and improved women’s civil rights; however, there are still some problems in society now. Women and men should be treated equal in any situation, for example, in work places, home, and public places. I think that the main reason for the problems is the physical difference between men and women. I will talk about the women’s civil rights of the past and present.

    In the 19th century, women’s civil rights were not equal to men. Women were treated poorly, and they could not say anything to society and even to their husbands. They just followed the men; however, Harriot Blatch got up and appealed for women’s civil rights to society. Then many women followed her, and they picketed the White House for two years. Finally, their movement succeeded, and they got the right to vote. It was a very important movement and give incentive to women. To vote means to take part in society and politics. Women are citizens, too, so it is natural to vote; in addition, they fought for the equality of women with men. Equality is the problem of the new society, too. After women got the right to vote, they thought that the women’s civil rights movement finished. The reality was not true, and their status was still low so they acted to get jobs and equal rights. I think that women’s civil rights were very cruel then, but now it has improved so we can live comfortable by grace of them.

    In society, there are still issues with men’s rights and women’s rights. Men can get jobs of high position very easily, and women have to work and study harder than men. Women are still discriminated against by society and men. For example, if a woman wants to be the president of a school, she has to work and study hard; also, she has to get an agreement with her husband and family. Her salary will less than men, that is the reality. That is why women cannot earn the same salary that man can get.

    The next situation is about being a housewife. Most women who have a job and a family are very busy because most men think that housework is the women’s job, and women have to do housework and take care of their children and work. This is very old thinking. If a wife does not have a job, she might do that; however, most couples work together. I think that they should help each other.

    The roles for men and for women are nothing; however, there are distinctions that are a reality. I think that to treat people equally is very difficult because men and women have physical and mental differences; however, if we say that the problems will never be solve forever, women will be treated unfairly all the time from now on. Therefore women and men have to compensate for each other. Then a wonderful and great society will emerge. The first thing that everyone has to do is to consider and change their minds step by step. A machine cannot solve the problems, only human can. I think that there were many women who fought for women’s civil rights a long time ago so I can live with peace and not be treated very cruelly.

© KCC - ESOL 197-0 Students, Summer 2005