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I am a PhD candidate at CSDL of ICS UH Manoa studying under the supervision of Professor Philip M Johnson. The focus of my dissertation research was the empirical software process discovery via mining software process artifacts. I defended my dissertation January, 16, 2015, and currently looking for a postdoctoral position; my short resume is available here.

While finishing the school, I am increasingly involved in the development of spatio-temporal data mining techniques. Recently, we have proposed a novel techniques for time series recurrent patterns discovery and for spatio-temporal anomaly discovery, which are based on symbolic discretization via sliding window and grammatical inference. In addition to this, I am working as a bioinformatics software engineer bridging two research laboratories: MIAT and L'IPREM; there, I am responsible for the design and implementation of NGS data mining tools used in a research project concerned with the structure and function of microbial communities (FUNHYMAT).

Previously, I have worked in a number of research projects. In 3SR project, I was responsible for the identification and annotation of SNPs in sheep genome; at ENSAT, I was involved in the identification of genes involved in the fruit ripening; at INRIA Rennes I have designed and implemented a high-throughput sequence classification pipeline for G protein-coupled receptors (GPRs) based on the finite state machines. I also worked for LANL, DOE-JGI on NGS sequencing data analysis and genome finishing, and for RCUH, Hawaii on the transgenic papaya genome assembly.

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senin [at] hawaii.edu

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