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Welcome to my home page.

I am a PhD candidate at ICS Department at UH Manoa studying at Collaborative Software Development Laboratory.

Before, I got MS degree from UH Manoa in Computer Science and ABD in Mathematics from Rostov State University. During the course of my studies in Rostov, I was really interested in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, spending my time making computers to understand natural human languages. Nowadays, my interests mostly lie in the area of machine intelligence. My PhD research is focused on understanding of software development processes through the discovery and analyses of recurrent behaviors. Additional information can be found in my research portfolio, short CV and throughout this web site.

At the moment I'm working between two labs: MIAT at Toulouse and L'IPREM at University of Pau. There, I am responsible for data processing and mining of NGS data from FUNHYMAT project. We study aquatic microbial ecosystem stress response to contamination by petroleum products. Previously I've worked at ENSAT studying mechanisms of fruit ripening, at INRIA Rennes figuring out molecular mechanisms of olfaction, at LANL, DOE-JGI, and at ASGPB, Hawaii where we sequenced transgenic papaya.

Feel free to email me: senin [at] hawaii.edu.

Thank you!

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