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I am a PhD candidate at CSDL of ICS UH Manoa studying under a supervision of Professor Philip M Johnson.

My graduate research is focused on the understanding of software development processes. Specifically, I am exploring a possibility of the offline software process discovery via data mining of software repositories. I have hypothesized that characteristic recurrent behaviors, which are the basic building blocks of software processes, can be discovered by the application of systematic data mining to software artifact measurements. Investigating this hypothesis, I have identified a number of shortcomings in current data mining techniques that limit the proposed approach' feasibility. Addressing these, I have developed a novel algorithm (called SAX-VSM) for interpretable time series classification, which, as I have shown in my dissertation, enables the software process-characteristic behaviors discovery via mining of publicly available software artifacts measurements.

Currently, while finishing the school, I continue the development of time series data mining techniques -- in our recent work we build upon the symbolic discretization and grammatical inference mechanisms. In addition to this, I am working as a bioinformatics software engineer "bridging" two research laboratories: MIAT and L'IPREM, where I am responsible for the design and implementation of NGS data mining tools used in a research project concerned with the structure and function of microbial communities in marine sediment (FUNHYMAT).

Previously, I have worked in a number of research laboratories supporting and performing genomics research. In 3SR project, I was responsible for the identification and annotation of SNPs in sheep genome; at ENSAT, I was involved in the identification of genes involved in the fruit ripening; at INRIA Rennes I have designed and implemented a high-throughput sequence classification pipeline for G protein-coupled receptors (GPRs) based on the finite state machines. I also worked for LANL, DOE-JGI on NGS sequencing data analysis and genome finishing, and for RCUH, Hawaii on the transgenic papaya genome assembly.

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