End of Semester Banquet

December 13, 2013
Oh no, Friday the 13th is here! Beware of the bad luck coming your way!
Or not!

This semester's EoS Banquet was held deep into the Manoa valley called The Treetops Restaurant. This restaurant offers a traditional Asian style buffet to indulge to your delight! And the theme was... "It's a COMG Christmas!"
Before we started eating, we played little games to welcome guests to our banquet. We played several games, and the first game that we played was when we had to draw things on a paper plate on top of our heads while listening to what the announcer wants us to draw. It was harder than it looked, but everyone enjoyed their wonderful creation. By the way, the picture was supposed to be of a Christmas tree with presents around it. 'Twas cute.
Another game we have played was bingo, but the twist to this was, to find the faculty who has done the sort of fact on the paper. One of the facts on the paper said something along the lines of wanting to go into culinary. I wonder who that was...
Our last game was scavenger hunt.. with personal items! We start out with forming groups of six, and we proceeded to pass out a list of items that you must "find." Whoever has the most items in that list has won! So next time you come to an EoS banquet, I suggest you bring EVERYTHING. I am joking... or am I?
After our wonderful games, we all started to feast on the yummy buffet, and during that time, the faculty held their speeches for those who are graduating from our wonderful SCS club.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time at this event along with the semester, and have a holly jolly COMG Christmas!


November 22, 2013
Want to meet new people and be able to communicate in English with international students? Well, we have a great event for you!
SCS joins with the NICE/ELI program to bring you international students to communicate with. To help immerse the international students to our American culture, we thought we would make up some fun ice breakers and games, and eat delicious food! This semester, we had about 50 students show up, and there was also a birthday boy in the crowd!

Faculty v.s. Students Bowling

October 20, 2013
Every semester, faculty and students of the Communicology department put on their strong arms and compete in a game of bowling for top dog recognition! Last semester, Faculty rose to the challenge and out-scored the students, but this semester, will the students make a come back? You'll find out at our End of Semester Banquet in December!

This year's bowling match was a tough one, and it was filled with laughter, friends, and food. What better way to get to know one another than by enjoying a bountiful amount of food and a game of competitive bowling? We had about 70 people show up to the event and it was marvelous. Besides, some people got into the spirit of Halloween and dressed early!

Welcome Back Beach Bash

September 28, 2013

SCS members chilling at the beach?! Well, isn't that just the darnest thing!

As always, the welcome back beach bash event ran smoothly as we liked it to be. We played awesome music and sung beautiful 'karaoke' from blue tooth speakers, 'beach' volleyball, and ate amazing food (i.e. cucumber kim chee provided by Professor Kate Lee). Some of our members even jumped into the ocean for a quick swim. Splashing!

Mahalo for those who came out today! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Until the next beach outing!

First General Meeting

September 20, 2013
Our first general meeting for SCS happened on Friday, September 20th at the George Hall Courtyard from 4:30 - 5:30.
We met the new officers of the Fall 2013 semester, talked about upcoming events, played some verbal and nonverbal games, and ate delicious pizza from Papa Johns!

Re-enactment of The Little Mermaid. We're all playing Telephone Charades.

Updating SCS's Website

September 27, 2013
Aloha everyone,

As you may or may not have noticed, the SCS website has not been updated in a while because the past webpage editor had left. But now we have learned how to update the website.

To start off, I would like to welcome you back to a whole new semester of SCS. We, the officers, are excited to bring you into the new semester with many upcoming events.

We would also like to inform you that the SCS lounge has now moved to George Hall 106C. In that room, we wanted to also start a new 'library' for those who would like to borrow books and also to use the room to study in. If you have any books you would like to get rid of and would like to donate it, SCS will be happy to take them off your hands. Remember, another person's trash is another person's treasure.

Esther Fung

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