Hello everyone!
We have created a *NEW* website at www.scshawaii.org.
I would like to thank you for visiting this amazing website created by our past officer/member Esther Ng, but we will have to retire this website until someone comes around to update it.
We will now be updating everything and anything related to SCS here. Feel free to check it out!
Again, if there are any questions, please email us at scs@hawaii.edu.

*I would like to note that we will no longer be updating this website as of May 23, 2014.

Esther Fung

Have you heard?!

SCS created a spoof of the song "#Selfie." It's directly related to #COMG for Spring 2014.
Watch it here:

We've also made a video in Spring 2012 to commemorate our Professors in the COMG department.
Watch it here:

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[Note: All videos are made and belong to the students of SCS. Please email scs@hawaii.edu for inquiries. Thank you.]

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Visit our *NEW* website at www.scshawaii.org!