LIS 601: Introduction to Reference Informatin Services
Instructor: Professor V. Irvin, Spring 2016.
Philosophy, principles and practices of reference services in libraries, information centers and information literacy. Bibliographic control, reference research, reference interview, online searches, evaluation of bibliographic and webliographic materials.
601 syllabus

LIS 605: Metadata Creation for Information Organization
Instructor: Professor D. Bair-Mundy, Spring 2016.
Introduction to the uses and techniques of cataloging and classification. Focus is on a MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) bases system. The course covers descriptive cataloging, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal classification schemes, Library of Congress Subject Headings, online and shared cataloging options. Emphasis is on precticle, rather than philosophical, topics and on practices at the level common at academic or larger public libraries. Recommended to be taken early in the program.
605 syllabus

LIS 610: Foundations of the Information Professions
Instructor: Professor D. Bair-Mundy, Spring 2016.
History, information ethics and the role of libraries and information professions in today's changing technological society and workplace.
610 syllabus

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