Society of American Archivists Student Chapter

The Society of American Archivists Student Chapter was established in 2007. The group organizes and participates in three to four archival related activities a semester.

SAA-SC is open to anyone in the LIS program regardless of chosen track or emphasis.
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SAA-SC will provide students with a strong understanding of the world of archives through community service, professional development and contact building.

To organize and participate in events related to community service and professional development.

Taken from SAA National Guidelines
Graduate student-level student chapter of the Society of American Archivists:
1. Serve as a means of introducing new archivists into the profession;
2. Enhance the educational function by providing an additional focus for the students to discuss archival issues, identify with the profession, and engage in professional activities;
3. Promote communication among student members;
4. Develop leaders of tomorrow's archival profession; and
5. Attract new members into the Society of American Archivists.