Dr. Robert D. Wehrman



Adventures of Maui, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1996

Aureus, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1996

Desert Evenings, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1995

Desert Journey, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1995

Piano Preludes, Book I, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1997

Smoke and Mirrors, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1996

Symphony no. 3, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1996

The Valley of Afron, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1998

Through the Land of Fire, Pacific Star, ASCAP 1997

Unlocking the Secrets of the Ensoniq Mirage, Keyboard Magazine, November 1986

Ensoniq ESQ-1 clinic, Keyboard Magazine, July 1988

Disposable Music Syndrome, Guest Editorial, Keyboard Magazine, April 1988

The Best Price isn't the Best Deal, Guest Editorial, Keyboard Magazine, September 1989

Getting the Most from Your Ensoniq ESQ-1 Alexander Publishing, 1986

ESQ-1 Advanced Programming Guide Alexander Publishing, 1987

SQ-80 Handbook Alexander Publishing, 1988

The Secrets of the EPS-16 Pacific Star, 1991

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