Dr. Robert D. Wehrman


Ph.D. (composition),

University of Hawaii, March 1999.

Dissertation: Heaven's Net: Composition and discussion of problems encountered in combining electro-acoustic and world-music constructional elements with traditional western music.

Master of Music (composition),
University of Hawaii, 1997.

Thesis: Through the Land of Fire: Composition, history, and philosophy of neo-expressionism in the orchestral medium.

Bachelor of Music (composition),
Calfornia State University Northridge, 1977.

Senior Honors Project: Composition, String Quartet No. 1.

Associate of Art (music),
Los Angeles City College, 1974.
Major Teachers
Donald Reid Womack, (composition, 1995 - present)

J. Mark Scearce, (composition, 1996 - 97)

E. Takeo Kudo, (composition, 1997)

Byron Yasui, (composition, 1995)

Aaron Copland, (composition, 1976)

Don Ellis, (arranging and improvisation, 1975)

Aurelio de la Vega (composition, 1974 - 76)

Daniel Kessner (composition, 1974 - 76)

Master Classes in Composition
Donald Erb, 1997

Aaron Copland, 1976

Awards and Honors
Composition Prizes
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001: ASCAP Standard Award for classical music composition

University of Hawaii Prize in Composition

1998: The Valley of Afron

1996: Smoke and Mirrors

Chicago Symphony Young Composer's Award 1977: Symphony no. 2

Swiss International Composition Prize 1977: String Quartet no. 1

Andrew Nyborg Fellowship ($5000) 1998

Graduate Assistantship, University of Hawaii 1996 - present

Full Scholarship, University of Hawaii 1995 - 98

Full Scholarship, California State University 1974 - 77

Leslie P. Clausen Music Scholarship LACC 1973

Graduate Course Work
Composition and Music Theory
Seminar in Music Composition (8 semesters)

Advanced Analysis

Contemporary Techniques (directed work)

Dissertation Research

Electro-acoustic Music Composition (directed work)

Seminar for Doctoral Students (Advanced Chromatic Analysis)

Shenkerian Analysis

Thesis Research

Regional Music: Africa

Regional Music: Oceania

Sound Systems of the World

Survey of World Musics

Music Literature
Bibliography and Library Resources in Music

History of Rock and Roll

Music Literature Seminar: Berlioz, Style and Influence

Music Literature Seminar: Intersections of Pop and Classical Music

Music Pedagogy
Seminar in College Music Teaching

Seminar in Teaching College Level World Music

Contemporary Music Ensemble

Gamelan Ensemble (Javanese)

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