Ruben Juarez

Associate Professor and Graduate Chair

Department of Economics

UHERO Research Fellow

University of Hawaii



Main Interests:

Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design and Network Economics


Contact info:

University of Hawaii

Department of Economics, Saunders Hall 542

2424 Maile Way,

Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

PH: (808) 956-7143

FX: (808) 956-4347



Saunders Hall 530




Mauli Ola Network (A community research project)

Social and Economic Networks in Hawaii




Tournament Games with Externalities Project (AFOSR)


2014 ESA International Meetings Honolulu, HI


15th Southwest Economic Theory Conference, Honolulu, HI


Workshop in Prior-Free Mechanism Design, Guanajuato, Mexico






Profit Sharing and Efficient Time Allocations (2018, Under Review)  


Sharing Sequential Profits in a Network (Journal of Economic Theory, 2018)


Free Intermediation in Resource Transmission (Games and Economic Behavior, 2018) Supplementary Material


Optimality of the Uniform Rule under Single-peaked Preferences (ET, 2018)


An Experimental Study of Self-Enforcing Coalitions (2018, under review)


Forming Self-enforcing Coalitions When Sharing Rules Create Potential Disagreements (2018)


Dividing a dollar in a network (2017)


Self-enforcing Coalitions with Power Accumulation (International Journal of Game Theory, 2017)


Optimal group strategyproof cost sharing (2018 R&R, ET)


Routing Proofness in Congestion Networks (2014)


Efficient Design of Water Networks (Handbook of Water Economics, 2014)


The no-threat equilibrium in tournament games with externalities (2013)


Optimal division of a dollar under ordinal reports (2015)


Implementing efficient graphs in connection networks (EC’11, Economic Theory 2013)


Group strategyproof cost sharing: the role of indifferences (Games and Economic Behavior 2013).


Collusion-proof cost sharing (2014)


Monotonic solutions to the expert aggregation problem (2010)


Prior-free cost sharing design: group strategyproofness and the worst absolute loss (Social Computing and Behavioral Modeling, 2009) 


The worst absolute surplus loss in the problem of commons: random priority vs. average cost (extended version, Economic Theory 2008).


Solutions without dummy axiom for TU cooperative games (extended version, Economics Bulletin 2008)


Dissection of solutions in cooperative game theory using representation techniques (International Journal of Game Theory 2007).


Convex rationing solutions (2011)