Subject: Electronic Postcard 2

Hi Everyone!

The ALA Midwinter conference is still going well.  This one anyway.
Midwinter '95 has been moved to Philadelphia.  The next Annual is
still in Miami.

I've been told that there were a few aftershocks while I was here.  I
haven't felt any of them yet.  Well, maybe one, when I was in bed, and
just about to drift off to sleep -- I'm not sure.  It's been rather
cold lately, in the 50s and 60s.  Rainy too.  Watching the TV news
last night, you'd think half the town has been floating away.  Riots,
fire, flood, earthquake -- and now rain, tornados, and mudslides.  Not
too bad in downtown, though.

Part of the culture shock has been hearing traffic reports on the
radio on the weekend.  6:30 on a Sunday evening, and you can still see
unbroken lines of headlights and red tail lights on the freeway.  They
say that they average 75-100 traffic accidents a day here -- and
that's when it's not raining.  It doubles in weather like we've been
having the past couple of days.

Would you believe that I heard Hawaiian music on public radio station
KCRW the other day?  They have a program called "Cafe L. A.", in which
they play a variety of music -- they had two songs from the group
Hapa.  I also got to Harry Shearer's Le Show, which used to be carried
on Hawaii Public Radio's KIPO, until they cancelled it -- several
weeks after I renewed my membership and told them that that was one of
my favorite shows.

Well, I'll be heading to LAX soon.  See ya!

Ralph Toyama                                       /      73 and Aloha
Automation Librarian                              /__         from
University of Hawaii - Leeward Community College    /    Radio NH6PY/6
rtoyama@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu                     /  Los Angeles, CA, USA