My Interest in Emergency Preparedness

I've always thought it was really neat to be able to fix things when things went really wrong.

Perhaps it all started while watching the 1970s NBC television series Emergency! when I was a kid. I got into hiking and camping when I was 14, and I was always into being prepared for wilderness emergencies. I've been certified in First Aid and CPR more-or-less continuously since my teens. I was a hospital volunteer for a while, and even considered a career in emergency medicine at one point.

Squad 51 at the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum By the way, because I was such a fan of Emergency!, which was a show about the Los Angeles County Fire Department's paramedic program, it was a great treat for me to be able to visit the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum during their open house in June 2008. I was also able to visit a couple of shooting locations during the same trip. My photos of that visit are posted on Flickr.