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Ron St. John -- Instructor of Communication
"Thanks Ron!"
Homer Simpson once said to Marge Simpson "I like to be thanked." We may all feel the same as Homer, however, not all of us can articulate it as well as Mr. Simpson. It is nice to be thanked and I am always appreciative when a student sends a card or drops me an email after the semester--just to say thanks. I also appreciate the many visitors to The Public Speakers' Web Site that take the time to thank me for my efforts on the site and tell me that they have found the site helpful. I would like to thank those of you who sent the following kind words. Your words are truly an inspiration to me.
Thank You!!!

Dear Ron,
I really enjoyed your class. I believe that it was my favorite one this semester. I could truly tell that you cared about what you were teaching and you were always enthusiastic about it. It made learning fun. I do not have any suggestions about how to make the class better because it is already great. The only advice that I would give is to keep being enthusiastic and keep making the class fun. If you keep it up, it will stay great. Thanks for being a great teacher. And thank you for your time.

These are some cards from my students.
Click on a card to see what they have to say.

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