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Ron St. John -- Instructor of Communication
Coach Ron
I began coaching cycling in 1986 at the Mike Walden's School of cycling in Orlando, Florida. I learned a great deal from Mike. When I was coaching with him and hanging around him I had no idea that I would learn so much from Mike, but I guess some of his wisdom eventually rubbed off. I have been coaching with the Wolverine Sports Club ever since and it has been a great pleasure to help others succeed in a sport that has given so much to me. When I was in Hawai'i I had the opportunity to coach at several Triathalon clincs. Due to the urging and encouragement of the athletes I coached, and the coaches I worked with, I decided to put on a cycling specific clinic.

The Hawai'i Cycling Training Clinic was a huge success. We had over 60 participants and the clinic was enjoyable for all. This was the first clinic that I developed, designed, organized and ran. Of course I couldn't have done it without the exceptional HCT staff.

I am currently coaching with the Wolverine Sports Club in the Greater Detroit Area. On Monday evenings I am out on the Monday Night Ride; you can find me out at Stoney Creek on Tuesday evenings; Wednesdays out on the Cadieux Cafe Ride; Thursdays out at Cicairo Club or Waterford Raceway and on the weekends at the local races. If you would like more information about the local training rides, or if you are looking for a cycling coach please drop me a line.


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