Richard Cullen Rath

I am associate professor of history here at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.  I teach courses on early America, Native Americans, and the history of media and the senses.  I am the author of How Early America Sounded and I am currently working on two books, one an introduction to the history of hearing and the other comparing the rise of print culture in eighteenth-century North America to the rise of internet culture today.  I have has also written three award-winning articles on music, creolization and African American culture. 

Lately, I have been director of the Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative at UH.  I am also a musician who has found ways to use music and sound to “do” history whenever possible. 

For Fall 2015 I will be teaching two new courses, HIST 400, Digital History in the Global Village, and HIST 605, a Graduate Seminar in Digital Humanities.

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Rich Rath