Roberto Pelayo's Homepage

Roberto Pelayo
Assistant Professor
University of Hawai'i at Hilo
Department of Mathematics

Contact Information:
E-mail: robertop AT hawaii DOT edu
Office: College Hall 9c
Phone: 808.974.7378

Current Courses:

Fall 2011:
    Applied Calculus (Math 115)
    Abstract Algebra I (Math 454)

Spring 2012:
    Applied Calculus (Math 115)
    Abstract Algebra II (Math 455)

Fall 2012:
    Applied Calculus (Math 115)
    Real Analysis I (Math 431)

Spring 2013:
    Calculus I (Math 205)
    Real Analysis II (Math 432)


When I'm not teaching, I'm usually pondering deep and tantilizing questions in 3-manifolds (knot theory and Heegaard splittings, in particular) and Geometric Group Theory. 


I received my B.A. in Mathematics and Psychology at Occidental College.
I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology.

Resources for UH-Hilo Math Majors: