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Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk MLS, MEd

Manager of Operations Sinclair Library

University of Hawaii at Manoa


Initial Hire Date at Librarian II: January 15, 1981
Promotion to Librarian III 1986
Tenure Librarian III 1988
Promotion to Librarian IV 1990
M.Ed Educational Technology – May 2006 - University of Hawaii at Manoa
MLIS-Advanced Certificate - 1990 - University of Hawaii at Manoa
M.L.S.– Library/Information Science – 1980 – University of Hawaii at Manoa
B.A - Communications/Sociology - University of California, San Diego
K-12 multi-subject bi-lingual California Teaching Credential 1979 – University of California, San Diego

My Career Goal: To be a librarian well-versed in all aspects of library and information science, and a leader in providing information resources for the University of Hawaii community. My work has directly enhanced the value of library resources to the researchers, faculty and student by increasing the accessibility of library scholarly materials to the global community.  I have done this through three primary areas of focus. 1) Technology leadership taking the library from a non-computerized environment to punch cards and the card catalog to world of information systems including full text and music and images, with computers on every desk; 2) Managing and working in all areas of library tasks with all types library staff, thereby keeping current with the needs and expectation of library operations; and 3) by always keeping in direct touch with the needs and expectations of our library users through consistent work at public reference desks.

Manager of Operations, Sinclair Library
(June 2002-Present)
The physical location of Sinclair Library (SL) is separate from Hamilton Library (HL). This means that Sinclair’s small staff must handle a much greater variety of issues for themselves than any other Library department. I initiate, administer, and manage projects within Sinclair Library that directly support research and instruction, in accordance with the strategic goals of The University of Hawaii System. When the Head is unavailable I act as Head Librarian handling problems and making decisions that keep the library running smoothly.

My diverse responsibilities include:

  • Webmaster for Sinclair Library Website (
  • Webmaster for SL Electronic Reserves server (
  • Expert in the Voyager Library software that is unique to Sinclair collections (Electronic, Print and Media Reserves, Materials Booking)
  • Networking Support of library LAN, and Liaison with UH Information and Technology Services (WAN)
  • Regular maintenance of public catalog terminals
  • Statistics, analysis, compilation, and Web publishing
  • Voyager System Administrator for Circulation, Media Scheduling, Interlibrary Loan, Reserves, Callslips and other WebVoyage request forms for Sinclair library.
  • Local Computer support and liaison with Data Network Services.

Collection development:

  • General Reference collection development for Sinclair Library
  • Fund manager for Print and Media Reserves for UH Manoa

Public Service

  • Reference Librarian Desk Coordinator, and
  • Circulation Services Project Manager


  • Train and troubleshoot library processing service issues: original cataloging, preservation, database maintenance, acquisitions, serials, linking between SL staff who perform these duties and the corresponding HL units, including Head of CSS
  • Monitor collection size in light of needing to change shelving
  • Monitor off-air taping projects
  • Monitor Preservation needs
  • Reference desk scheduling
  • UH System Voyager Circulation Steering Committee
  • UH System Voyager ILL Steering Committee
  • UH System Voyager WebVoyage Steering Committee
  • Supervise APT Media Specialist
  • Supervision for training of Staff and Student help
  • Supervisor for technical service tasks, including technical aspects of access services, and related software and systems at SL, including Microcomputers


(July 2005-July 2006)
Completed Master's of Education in Educational Technology.

Head Sinclair Library

(June 1995-June 1998), (2000-2002)
In 1993 Sinclair Library was downsized to on-third of the prior staff and reorganized so that the collections included:

  • Archival materials
  • Audiovisual equipment and media titles in numerous formats
  • Reserve materials
  • Music collection, including a large reference collection
  • Older bound periodicals
  • General reference collection

By 1996 I had reorganized library staff to expand services and to restored library hours to pre-1993 levels. A plan was developed through a team approach, working with Sinclair Library staff and student help, representatives from four different bargaining units, and Library Administration. Reorganization of Sinclair Library was approved as part of the 1997 Library-wide reorganization.


  • Coordinate all student assistant hiring and training $180,000 annually
  • Equipment budget $20,000-$40,000 annually
  • Fiscal matters, circulation debt, photocopy, collections,
  • Interdepartmental matters, both within and outside the library
  • Personnel actions: the Sinclair Library staff includes five library assistant IVs, one supervising library technician I, one library technician V, one media specialist II, 3.5 library positions (representing four different bargaining units), and approximately 60 part-time student assistants
  • Serving on various committees, Department Head Group, CDCC, Space committee
  • SL renovation and other building matters, physical matters


  • Audiovisual stacks reorganization to accommodate growing collection, including new compact shelving with funding from the Wong Foundation.
  • Computer Support Liaison
  • Library software analysis of the circulation software unique to Sinclair (i.e., reserves, material booking)
  • Networking in library LAN, and liaison with ITS (WAN) General
  • Webmaster for SL. Expanded web server and an extensive site for SL collections and services

Collection Development and Support Services

  • Liaison for technical service issues: original cataloging, preservation, database maintenance, acquisitions, serials, linking between SL staff who perform these duties and the corresponding HL units, including Head of CS
  • Monitor Preservation needs
  • Reference collection development
  • Print and Media Reserve fund management

Public Service

  • Reference Desk Staff
  • Reference web page development


(July 1998-June1999)
Addressed undergraduate deficiencies and published a Directory of Sacred Dance in Hawaii.

Library Analyst

(July 1993-May 1995)
In my continued effort to experience and understand all aspects of library services, I transferred, to the Public Services Division after 13 years of working in Processing Operations and Automation Division. I transferred to Sinclair Library to provide technical expertise and support, leadership, administrative and managerial duties for the Wong Audiovisual Collection.

I lecturer on computerization, library automation, data communications, information systems analysis and design, communications and information technologies including Internet and the World Wide Web. I supervised the preparation of instructional materials for a broad patron base from the level of the uninitiated public to the most advanced users of the library’s automated system.  In 1995, I designed, implemented and maintained the first Library owned web server.

Analyst for Processing, Operations and Automation

(July 1992-June 1993)
Provided systems analyst work for departments in the Library, and prepared specifications for automating departments including: Gift and Exchange, Interlibrary Loan, External Services Program, Wong Audiovisual Center, and the Reserve Collections.

Sabbatical Research Inter-Institutional Networking and Resource Sharing

(July 1991-1992)
Sabbatical project was undertaken at the request of the University Librarian. The research used the University Library to establish various inter-institutional networks for resource sharing.

Head, Library Systems (1982-1991)University of Hawaii at Manoa, Library Services

I was the key librarian in the automation of the UHM Libraries. When I started the library had on one printing terminal using a modem, no computers and was using punch cards for simple circulation tasks. I was the only library automation staff when the library contracted with a small local company (ALOHA) to jointly develop a library online information system. I worked many long hours and was on call 24/7 while utilized student workers to assist with the technical duties until years later full when positions were reallocated or created to support library automation  work.  By 1991 I had created, supervised and administered, eight full-time positions. Due to the incredible workload and long hours I still had my army of student help. I managed the conversion from a locally developed library automation system to a commercial library software package that ran on fault-tolerant minicomputer computer hardware. By this time there were hundreds of terminals, fiber optic and twisted pair networks, dozens of microcomputers, and all the staff were computer literate. I had had a hand in it all, from installing cables and terminals, to training the staff, to programming the computers. It was an exciting and transforming ten years.
My responsibilities included:

  • Coordination of funding requests and justifications.
  • Design, implementation, supervision, analyzation, modification and maintenance of library automation activities with an emphasis on the simplification and effectiveness of technical services, and on providing appropriate information products to support the administration and public services.
  • Expansion of telecommunications network (i.e., fiber, coaxial, and twisted pair) providing a connection to the TCP/IP campus network and to the state-wide public information network.
  • Planning, development and implementation of library automation.
  • Provide continuing education and in-service training to all staff. Examples include: general computer literacy, library automation, online public catalog, use of communication services, bar-coding, methods for retroactively converting bibliographic records and online cataloging.
  • Review and approval of all library purchases of electronic equipment.
  • Serve as a liaison with current and future automation vendors and information providers.

School Librarian

(July 1979 – February 1980)American School, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America
Performed selection, acquisition, cataloging, and circulation functions for a bilingual (Spanish-English) collection. Supervised high school student volunteers and parents. Video club advisor, Dance instructor.

Professional International committee
Endeavor Enhancement Committee for Media Scheduling 2003-2007

UH System committees
Access Services UH System Standards Committee 2000-2002
Strategic Planning 2002-2004
Circulation Steering Committee 2000-present
Information Literacy Committee 2003-2004
Inter-library Loan Steering Committee 2002-present
UH Library Council Task Force Circulation & Intersystem Loan Policy
            & Procedures 2001-2002
WebVoyage Steering Committee 2000-present

UH Manoa Committees
Manoa Strategic Planning-Technical Advisory Committee 2001-2003
Manoa Distant Education Committee (Faculty Senate representative) 2004-2005
Tenure and Promotion Review Committee 2003, 2001 Chair, 199

Library Committees

ADA working committee 2003-2004
Aloha United Way Co-coordinator 1999
Copyright working committee 2003-2005 
Department Head Group 1995-1998,1999
Document Delivery Working Group 2003, 2006-Present
E-Reserves Task Force 2002-2005
Indexing task Force 2000-2001
Library Personnel Committee 1996, 1999, 2001 and Various Selection Committees for Managerial and Professional Library Staff
Management Structure Team 2003
Processing Operations and Automation 1986-1991
Public Services Head 1995-1998, 2001-2002, 2005-Presnt
ROLS Steering Committee January 1998-2003
Space Committee 1995-1998, 1999-2001
Web Advisory Group 2003-2005
Web Architecture Team 2002-2003
Web Software Team 2004
Web Weavers 1994-1998

Professional and Community Affiliations

  • American Library Association, Member 1982-1984, 1994-2005
    • ALA Video Round Table 1998-2002
  • American Society for Information Science (ASIS), Member 1982-1988, 1996-1999
  • Angel Network Charities 1992-2005
  • ARTS 2002-2005
  • Association of College and Research Libraries 1996-2003
  • Beta Phi Mu International Honor Society Secretary, 1984-1986, Editor Directory 1985-1987, Member 1982-Present
  • Calvary by the Sea Artist in Residence 1998-Ongoing, Council of Deacons Treasurer 2002-2005
  • Hawaii Council on the Arts 1998-2001
  • Hawaii Dance Council 1997-2000
  • Hawaii International Film Festival Member1999-2002
  • Hawaii Library Association, Member 1982-Present
  • Hawaii State Telecommunications and Information Projects, 1988-1996
  • Hawaii Voyager User’ s Group 2001-Present, President 2004-2006
  • Library and Information Technology Association, Member 1982-1986, 1994-2001
  • Sacred Dance Guild Member 1995-Present; President, Hawaii Chapter 1998-2001; Record Secretary 1999-2002; President 2002-2004; Chapter representative to the international association 2004-present
  • School of Library and Information Science, Alumni Executive Board—Continuing Education Chairperson, 1982-1984; President-elect1986-1987; President1987-1988; Member 1982-Present

Publications/Presentations 2000-Present

  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Case Study of Student workers in University of Hawaii Libraries” E-Learn Honolulu 2006
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “EndUser Overview” Hawaii Voyager Users Group Honolulu 2004, 2005 and 2006
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Google to the Max College of Education” Webinar, and to specific courses 2004, 2005 and 2006 Honolulu
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Student workers training using Camtasia”, EndUser 2005, Chicago.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Harnessing the Power of Web-Based Tools for Skills Training” HVUG Conference Honolulu, Oahu 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie.  “Harnessing the Power of Web-Based Tools for Skills Training” HLA Conference Kahuku, Oahu 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Creating online tutorials that are used in training library workers and to provide library instruction.”   EdMedia Lugano Switzerland 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Media Scheduling” Hawaii Voyager Users group meeting Honolulu 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie.  “Creating online tutorials for Training using Camtasia Studio” Hawaii Voyager Users group meeting Honolulu 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Media Rooms and Equipment Let’s Schedule a Panel discussion”. EndUser conference Chicago 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Training, Re-Training of Review of Circulation Tasks for Student workers” EndUser conference Chicago 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. Library Forum “Accessibility and the Library” Honolulu 2004
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Creating online Tutorials for Training” Hawaii Library Association Conference, Lanai 2003
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Online Tutorials to Train and Review Circulation Tasks” EndUser Conference Chicago 2003
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. Special Libraries Association Hawaiian-Pacific Chapter “What is Sinclair Library” Honolulu 2003
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Joyful Indexing” Honolulu 2000
Publications/Presentations Selection from Pre-2000
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Directory of Sacred Dance in Hawaii.” 1999.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Sacred Dance in Hawaii: A Widespread Phenomenon.” International Sacred Dance Guild Journal. Delaware, 1998.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. Sinclair Library Web Site. 1995-present.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Creating an Information Industry in Hawaii: The State Government’s Pro-active Approach and Its Potential for Success.” International Telecommunications Society Conference. Venice, Italy 1990.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Using PEACESAT to access the library database at University of Hawaii at Manoa.” Presented at the Pacific Telecommunications Conference 1989. This paper resulted from my role as technical liaison for training on a trip to Western Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga installing PEACESAT stations with microcomputers to allow for the use of the PEACESAT links to send and receive data.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Guide to Videotape Productions.” Distributed at American Society for Information Science Annual Meeting 1981. This paper resulted from my role as technical director of a videotape production for University of Hawaii at Manoa entitled “What an Online Literature Search Can Do for YOU.”
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “Role of an ASIS Chapter in a Professional Library School Program.” Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science Mid-year Meeting. Durango, Colorado 1982.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “The Selection Process.” Published in the Proceedings of the Intergraded Online Library System Conference. Columbus, Ohio 1983.
  • Quirk, Ruth Marie. “UHDOC – A System to Simplify the Documentation Process.” American Society for Information Science. Collected Papers, Mid-year. Lexington, Kentucky 1983.


  • Camtasia training offered to East-West Center and UH Library personnel
  • Guest Lecture on Internet-based Research Methods for Educational Technology course ETEC 601 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  • Communications Intercultural Training UHM1998, 2000
  • School of Library and Information Science Internship Supervisor LIS 690 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • School of Library and Information Science Project Supervisor LIS 670 2002, 2003
  • School of Library and Information Science Project
  • Supervision of McKinley High School Volunteers working on Website development 2004
  • Supervision of High School Volunteers working on training tutorials 2003

Working Papers Pre-2000

  • “Recommendations for a circulation CD-ROM collection.” 1995
  • “Specifications for External Services Program.” 1993-1994
  • “Specifications for Materials Booking Module.” 1993-1994
  • “Specifications for Interlibrary Loan Module.” 1993
  • “Specifications for Gift and Exchange Module.” 1992
  • “Inter-Institutional Networking.” 1992
  • “Telework Using E-mail.” 1989
  • “State of Library Networking.” 1989
  • “A Plan for Library Systems Networking at Manoa.” 1987
  • “Libraries and Computer Security: A Proposal for an In-house Policy.” 1986
  • “A Recommendation for Microcomputer Implementation in a University Library.” 1985
  • “Transborder Data Flow in the ASIA/Pacific Region: Cultural Diversity and Information Transfer.” Basis of a panel session at the American Society for Information Science 47th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, 1984.

Meetings/Conferences/Workshops Attended 2000-Present

  • Access 2000 Fundamentals Training Honolulu 2003
  • Association for Advancement of Computing in Education Conference Honolulu 2003
  • Association of Research Libraries Web Cast on Usability 2004
  • Association of Research Libraries Management Skills workshop 2002
  • Best Practices in E-Learning Online Conference 2003:
  • Defining Our Destiny UHM 2002
  • Departmental Leadership Workshop UHM 2001
  • Distance Education Conference Honolulu 2005
  • E-Learn Conference 2003, 2004, 2006 Honolulu
  • EdMedia Lugano Switzerland 2004
  • EdMedia Honolulu, Hawaii 2003
  • EndUser Chicago, Illinois 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  • Freedom of Information Seminar 2002
  • Hawaii Voyager User’s Group Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (’05 President and Conference Coordinator)
  • Hawai’i Library Association 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 Various Hawaiian Islands
  • ImageServer Training Honolulu 2002
  • Information Literacy Workshop Honolulu 2003
  • LILO Workshop Windward CC 2004
  • Managing Change in the Workplace Honolulu 2002
  • National Center on Disability and Access to Education workshops 2005
  • New Media International Consortium Conference Honolulu, 2005
  • Pacific Arts Festival New Caledonia 2000, Palau 2004
  • Pan Pacific Distance Learning Association Conference Honolulu 2004, 2006
  • Serving Your Customers a workshop for non-profit organizations Honolulu 2004
  • Special Libraries Association – Hawaiian-Pacific Chapter Speed Networking Event 2005
  • Talent 101, Talent 102 WebCT Summer Institute 2005
  • Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference 2002, 2003. 2004, 2005, 2006
  • UH System-Wide Strategic Planning Conference 2001
  • Welcome Week Volunteer 2006