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Sabbatical Report 2005-2006



Last update: October 14, 2006


Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk MLS, MEd

Manager of Operations Sinclair Library

University of Hawaii at Manoa



Full Sabbatical Proposal


Sabbatical Goal: Complete Masters thesis in Educational Technology and successfully defend.

I completed my thesis defense May 2006: Trainers of Student Employees in UH Libraries: A Case Study .pdf


As a Librarian, I want to help library users by providing access to information using technology.

Staying current with the latest technology is a full time job. Being familiar with current technology tools I can then encourage their implementation in the library's information systems. For example podcasting, wikis and blogs are being used by courses but are not being used very much in the library.  The library provides support for a wide variety of tools so that users can enjoy and thrive in their journeys into the world of learning and research. My studies encourage this.

 The benefit to the Library from my sabbatical projects:

  1. I have gained expertise in the theory of Diffusion of Innovations
  2. I did a case study of training Access Services Student Employees
  3. I gained expertise in the area of Educational Technology
  4. My project helped me  develop and strengthen connections between UH access services units statewide.  This project strengthened and broadened the already numerous ties that I have through my service on statewide committees. 
  5. Increased my knowledge and experience with the trainers of student employees in the UH system;
  6. I familiarized myself with techniques used to train.
  7. Dedicating myself to a formal investigation of through a multifaceted case study allowed me to complete research and the thesis for MasterŐs in Educational Technology
  8. The case study finding are available through my web page This will allow me to share my research both on a local and global level.
  9. I gained a fuller understanding of the diversity of trainers and the training processes used with student employees..
  10. I completed a literature review of Diffusion of Innovations, Online training, Training techniques used in libraries and Student employees culture and characteristics.
  11. Focusing on the trainers of student employees in circulation services at 3 different institution in the UH system,
  12. The interview will collect information on the trainerŐs skill and professional preparation for training student employees. 
  13. The interview process will also document resources used and needed for training student employees.
  14. I will then observed,  and documented training sessions at 3 different institution in the UH system.
  15. Attendance at Conference and workshops: Hawaii Library Association (presenter), Hawaii Voyagers UserŐs Group ( board of directors and presenter), EndUser 2006 in Chicago, (Enhancement committee, moderator and presenter)

Examples of projects: 

  1. Learning about Library of Congress Call numbers (pdf)
  1. Instructional Design and lesson plan for Prayer Clusters.
  1. Plan that Integrates a Web Site and lists Expanded Events of Instruction
  1. Various website which have  Flash based tutorials and text instructions for learning to use the UH library system for both the
    1. public and
    1. library staff and
    1. jointly created Ka Na Ôau Pono a tutorial to develop an awareness of Hawaiian moral, spiritual and social responsibility.
  1. How to fund the implement the a plan to diffuse and shared Hawaiian Education resources is shown in a draft grant proposal
  1. Reorganization of ETEC Course Listings,
  1. Designing a Network 
  1. Using the Internet for Academic Research (pps)
  1. Proposal for creating a statewide Hawaiian Educational Shared resource from K-12- Higher Education was started with a Hawaiian Education formative evaluation