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Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk MLS, MEd

Manager of Operations Sinclair Library

University of Hawaii at Manoa

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Trainers of Student Employees in University of Hawai‘i Libraries:
A Case Study

The University of Hawai‘i (UH) Libraries, encompassing over a dozen facilities on thirteen campuses statewide, use student employees as the primary service providers to charge out library materials. The level of service provided at these service points is thus determined by the training the student employees receive from the full-time staff. However, the researcher found scarce information on how these students were actually trained. The researcher assumes that the student employees were trained by non-librarians—University of Hawai‘i library technicians and library assistants—using a WebCT (Web Course Tool) resource that provides access to a variety of training tools.
This case study focused on the use of WebCT resource materials for training at the University of Hawai‘i, and examined the diffusion of training innovations through the library social system. Three primary questions guide this research: How are non-librarian trainers of student employees at the University of Hawai‘i libraries using the Circulation Services and Training WebCT? How do the trainers benefit from the WebCT resource? And what can be done to improve the WebCT resource?
The findings show that the WebCT resource serves as a repository for standardized material and directly supports the sharing of local as well as general materials. There are numerous benefits, including reduced work for individuals due to sharing of resources in a central location. Improvements needed include removing content from the secured environment so that it might be more easily available, updated, and expanded; improving training materials and access to them by trainers; and most importantly providing support for the trainers.

ETEC 601 Evaluation Internet Research Feedback –comment report

9. What new technique did you learn from this session?

  • I learned of some new search engines and how to use them.
  • Using Google "Fuzzy" search items.
  • I learned a lot of new techniques tonight esp. ways to navigate the internet more effectively and efficiently. New search engines such as Teoma and are very informative. As a Google user, I am glad to know that there are also other search engines out there that are focused more on scholarly research.
  • Various methods to refine searches.
  • I discovered that Google contained many different useful functions that help specify a search. I also learned new methods of finding information by using the different commands.
  • Google Print and Google Scholar
  • general understand on how to do searches...would have like more information about educational search engines...etc
  • I learned more about the various searching features you can use (especially in Google). I think I will be using a lot of these features as I continue my ETEC studies. I especially liked the define: filetype: and related: features.
  • It was especially useful to see and then experience the differences in the search engines and the types of specialized search commands...for those of us doing graduate research, regular search techniques aren't enough to insure that we have adequately delved into our topics.
  • I also found the "fuzzy" search techniques and the "limiting" techniques to be very helpful.
  • how to use different symbols for specific searches
  • search tecniques
  • How to use the tilday as a thesaurus tool.
  • I learned how to refine and focus the search for my subject matter. How to take searching to the next level.
  • Using Google's other search tools to focus a search, and using other databases on the web to acquire relevant sources. Also, using punctuation and keywords to assist in web searches via Google and Yahoo.
  • To search by exactly word. I haven't known yet

10. How can this new information help you in your studies?

  • It will give me resources to use in my future papers.
  • I can browse a lot more sources vs. the limitations of using standard search techniques
  • To navigate the Internet more effectively...
  • It will be extremely useful when looking up literary sources.
  • When doing research, it is essential to get the most reliable and valid information available. Utilizing the appropriate search engines and directories will assist the gathering of information a lot easier.
  • It provides additonal resources for my research
  • it's a start in undestanding researching
  • The information will undoubtedly come in handy when researching information for my master's project/topic. I think the filetype: feature will be especially useful if I need to reference PPT presentations or other documents/data/research (PDF files).
  • It will help me to survey what's out there as I try to focus my topic for my thesis and, once I do that, it will help me to feel more confident that I have done a thorough job of scholarly research.
  • finding what i'm looking for quicker
  • online searches
  • Make it easier to do research.
  • Hopefully it will save time because i won't waste time sifting through unneeded sites.
  • It can broaden and better focus my search for information on the web.
  • Giving me an idea. Sometimes I think we should know broaden and when we want information , we can select or use immediatly.
  • I like the way to find that I didn't know

12. What changes (if any) would you make to improve this instruction?

  • I think it was great as is.
  • None. It was absolutely engaging.
  • Although the handouts were collated, they needed to be stapled to avoid missing pages.
  • More time to try the various methods.
  • I think considering the time given. The instruction was excellent.
  • None, great as is.
  • more direct information about educational searches....and maybe not so fast overview of material....i got lost several times....also maybe a room that has computer assess so we won't have to bring our own.
  • More time!! Or, break up the instruction into two different sessions to take in all the information.
  • not sure...I can see the reason for scheduling it earlier in the course...I can also see a reason for scheduling it later...when we would actually be doing the hands on with our own topics...
  • I loved the humor and the energy that RuthMarie projected...we could tell that she is very skilled at this and yet her approach was down to earth and relaxed
  • Slow down. Cover less material and communicate other tricks through handouts.
  • it was great
  • N/A
  • It may have helped if we all had computers that could access the web.
  • None.
  • Nothing... just slow down . I 'm not a freshman I was born in between the start of computer so sometimes I'm quite slow and clumsy because of my language skill.

13. What did you find most frustrating about the presentation?

  • I didn't find anything frustrating.
  • Nothing.
  • If she would present this in less than 1.5 hour per session. Learners tend to shut down when a lesson gets too long. Although it is something I would definitely want to learn, but it's better to have the presentation for only 1.5 hour or less on two separate days.
  • Didn't have my own laptop.
  • I was never frustrated
  • none
  • Rushing through the material...
  • just the fact that I come in to anything at the end of a working day on "low batt"...but the humor and the hands on did much to remedy that :)
  • Too much information. Too fast pace.
  • too long
  • N/A
  • Not being able to connect to the internet and wasting time on troubleshooting that instead of listening to the presenter and trying the searches.
  • None.
  • Faster speaking like Rocket to the moon !!!! Hahah... but any way , generally I can follow... : )


  • I found this presentation very useful.
  • Very good instructor who knew her stuff. She should be teaching all university departments how to search for information better.
  • I think the presenter is very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about her work and that is a good sign. I can see myself asking her more qestions in the future.
  • Cleary and useful presentation.
  • The instruction was very educational and stimulating.
  • Great presentation. Expertise and enthusiasm of presenter was wonderful.
  • thanks for the help...and tech guys do a great job for us!
  • Mahalo, for your time and efforts! This type of information is interesting and useful, not only for our own research efforts, but also for our students (those of us who work in a school system) as well.
  • Although the presentation was geared to graduate students, I think some of the exercises and understandings would be helpful to my high school students and that the "topic worksheet" would be helpful to students working on something like History Day, for example...
  • Thank you for coming to class and sharing. I enjoyed learning.
  • none
  • I enjoyed her presentation! She was very enthusiastic!
  • Great presentation... lots of useful information.

Session:  10, Online Tutorials
RuthMarie Pulelehua Quirk                                                       79 evaluations received 106 attendees at session
                                 1=Strongly Agree
                                 3=Undecided                                           A V E R A G E S
                                 5=Strongly Disagree              THIS            ALL             BEST          WORST
                                                                        SESSION    SESSIONS     SESSION      SESSION
The speaker was knowledgeable                          1.27586           1.34266          1.000         1.97500
The presentation was good                                 1.43860           1.49509          1.000         2.27500
The speaker was engaging                                  1.27586           1.51437          1.02381     2.51163
Time was used effectively                                    1.34545           1.52602          1.08333     2.18644
There was adequate time for questions                 1.29091           1.57010          1.13333     2.57576
The visual aids were effective                              1.33333           1.54654          1.16667     2.14634
The handouts appear useful                               1.47273           1.61161          1.07143     2.30435
The room set-up was effective                              1.47368           1.60804          1.08333     2.09375
Session met my expectations                                1.43103           1.65261          1.07143     2.51220
Program was at expected level                             1.40351           1.63949          1.07143     2.46154
I would recommend this to others                        1.33929           1.53147          1.07143     2.28421
I'd like further sessions on this topic                   1.40351           1.49942          1.08333     2.26923

  • Good & useful!
  • Instructor was excellent.  Good advice & ideas
  • Examples were helpful to see.  Person was knowledgeable
  • More time would have been good for examples.
  • Room could have been a little darker, but presenter didn't have moderator to help
  • Creativity of idea to use tools that simplify processes idea.  Teams can contribute to design & project
  • Useful to see what others are doing in an area of common interest
  • Great presentation - humor used appropriately
  • Thanks for the snack!
  • inventive use of software great idea --
  • This was exactly what we are looking for.
  • The speaker was very engaging; the example was very helpful.
  • Wow!  We've been experimenting with Powerpoint/WebCT.  This is the best of both worlds!
  • Very informative session!
  • very engaging speaker
  • great job!
  • Very useful information!
  • info on a specific product
  • exactly what I was looking for!
  • Having a demonstration
  • Too short
  • Speaker was great.  Liked humor
  • The presenter is very down to earth & makes the session fun - not so rigid & formal
  • Very clear, effective use of time, organized
  • speaker's technological savvy
  • Discussion of rationale for online training, especially since I and my group are starting to work on this. 
  • Great idea!  Thanks for sharing!
  • Great macadamia nuts!  Interesting concepts.
  • All cool
  • Very informative.  I would be interested in these programs.
  • info on cost & use of software & info on problems
  • Gave me some great ideas to bring back -- thanks!
  • Actual demos
  • Handout
  • Quickness of going through examples
  • Actual on-line demos
  • The demo from the software was most helpful

  ENDUSER 2005
Session 59:      
Training, Re-training, and Review of Circulation tasks for Student workers
  Category                                                                                   Average Rating              Number
  Knowledgeable speaker                                                                      1.053                       38
  Clear presentation                                                                              1.128                       39
  Engaging speaker                                                                                 1.026                       39
  Good Time Usage                                                                                 1.289                       38
  Time for Questions                                                                             1.750                       36
  Effective visuals                                                                                   1.053                       38
  Useful handouts                                                                                  1.231                       39
  Effective room set-up                                                                         1.789                       38
  Met expectations                                                                                 1.184                       38
  Expected level                                                                                       1.216                       37
  Recommend to others                                                                        1.105                       38
  Further such sessions                                                                       1.132                       38

  • Great session!
  • Introduced me to a new software product
  • Very helpful!
  • The context of learning theory - I'm really pleased to hear about a training method that accounts for
  • different learning styles
  • Seeing software and uses.
  • Presenter was informative & fun
  • Best session of conference
  • Liked the nuts!  Liked the demo of Camtasia
  • Her sense of humor, ability to engage audience.
  • Very energetic speaker
  • The step by step demos!
  • great program, great program
  • The zip of the presenter
  • Presenter has an infectuous enthusiasm for this topic.
  • Great - I have Camtasia not v. well try it  Thanks.
  • positive attitude about students' learning
  • humor
  • Ruth was wonderful, charming & funny


  • I wanted more time to see it and discuss issues.  Fastest 45 min of the conference!
  • Started off slow.  Room was very crowded.
  • Probably more time for questions.
  • Not enough time.


  • Excellent presentation
  • Practical - will definitly use
  • Room was TOO hot
  • I'd love to see a "How To" Build a tutorial
  • Great job!
  • This was highly helpful.
  • Exciting stuff
  • Room:  NO easel w/ schedule outside Salon 9!
  • Great work.  Thanks for sharing.
  • SupportWeb sharing idea needs promotion & organization from somewhere
  • I think this would be great for trainning my students.  Thank you!
  • Room:  crowded
  • I recommend that she present this again & perhaps hold a workshop
  • How to attache to web pg & Flash need.
  • questions not repeated for audience
  • More time.