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Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk MLS, MEd

Manager of Operations Sinclair Library

University of Hawaii at Manoa

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Service Activities
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Part IV: Endeavors

Statement of Endeavors—Librarian Faculty

I am a tenured Librarian IV (B-4) at Sinclair Library (SL) applying for promotion to the Librarian V (B-5) level. Since my promotion to Librarian IV in 1990, I have demonstrated the “increasing productivity and professional maturity” stipulated in the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa (UHM) promotion guidelines, serving as Head of UH Library Systems; Analyst for Processing, Operations, and Automation; Head of Sinclair Library; and Sinclair Library Manager of Operations. In addition to chairing and serving on numerous UH and professional committees, I have completed a Masters in Educational Technology. I discuss these activities, and my qualifications for Librarian V, in the appropriate narrative sections of this dossier.

I became a librarian in the belief that information is the most important commodity in the world. When I began my career, computer use was limited to huge mainframes, programmed using magnetic tape and punch cards, but with much less storage and power than my current iPOD. Even at that time, my vision was of a world where information was available in full text, sound, color, and motion delivered directly into people’s homes. This vision has been embraced fully and realized quickly in many parts of the world, and remains the motivation for my career—a career devoted to the growth of information technology in Hawai‘i.

This promotion dossier represents my attempt to do justice to my career as a librarian faculty member at the University of Hawai‘i, and its two parts deliberately reflect the two outstanding aspects of my work and managerial style: a fascination—that has developed into a career-long obsession with and dedication to—information technology, and an unyielding belief in the need for and benefits of a hands-on, personal, involved, managerial style. This dossier similarly combines technical lists of accomplishments with short narratives expressing my managerial and knowledge management philosophies.

The opening section of the dossier, “Professional Activities,” begins by summarizing my qualifications for the position of Librarian V, demonstrating that I more than meet the required and desired qualifications, and continues with longer, narrative explorations of what I see as my most meaningful accomplishments as a UH librarian. The concluding section, “Service Activities,” complements the narrative by listing my professional memberships, affiliations, activities, presentations, publications, and community service. Appended to the dossier are a variety of supporting materials, including evaluations from instruction and presentations as well as samples of my work.

A. Professional Activities

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Master’s degree in library or information sciences

Masters of Library and Information Sciences, University of Hawai‘i (1982)

2. Second Master’s degree in specialized subject are

Masters in Educational Technology, University of Hawai‘i (2006)

3. Served twelve years of appropriate experience or four years in rank of Librarian IV

Librarian IV, UHM: 1990– present
Librarian III, UHM: 1986–1990
Awarded tenure, UHM: 1988
Librarian II, UHM: 1982–1986

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in organizing, implementing, or evaluating major programs and/or services
  • Initiated, planned, and administered the systemwide expansion of cooperative automated library systems

When I began, one department in UHM’s Hamilton library made use of a cooperative, automated library system. I initiated, developed, and oversaw the growth of this technology to include the entire UH system, and UH cooperation in statewide endeavors such as the Hawai‘i Voyager Users Group, and international partnerships such as the Endeavor enhancement committee (see “Professional Activities. Information Technology: Library Automation”).

  • Initiated, planned, developed, and administered the technological transformation of the UH library reserves system

In 1982, Library Reserves used a totally paper-based system for managing and delivering hard copies of text, films, slides, video, and sound recording. Using programs that I developed and administered, the Reserves system now manages and delivers electronically full text, images, and audio (see “Professional Activities: Access Services”).

  • Created and administered transformative technological advances in cataloging

In the early 1980s I designed, tested, and initiated the ALOHA automated system using MARC records, which I developed from the Library’s OCLC system. Currently for cataloging records, I am creating specifying indexes with keyword access to all fields (see ”Professional Activities. Information Technology: Indexing Working Group).

  • Initiated, created, tested, and administered technological advances in staff training

Throughout my career at UH, I have emphasized the importance of staff training, and the use of a full range of technology to support staff—from the development of inexpensive, easy to use, handouts, procedures, and interactions, to my most recent work developing online web-based tutorials and delivering online seminars (see “Professional Activities: Administration and Management”).

  • Redesigned media scheduling for classroom instruction

I have planned and implemented the changeover from a paper-based system, to a stand-alone computer system, to a module integrated in the library management system (see “Professional Activities: Access Services”).

  • Implemented and advocated the use of technologies to support the differently abled

Foreseeing the need for increased access to Library resources, I designed a website readable by screen reader and a webpage of guidelines for library staff, and serve on the Library’s ADA Working Committee ( (see “Professional Activities. Information Technology: ADA Working Committee).

  • Initiated, designed, and administered the Library’s initial World Wide Web presence

The first email user at UH libraries, when the Internet was not yet used by the general public, I designed and served as webmaster for the UHM library’s first website, and continue to be involved in its expansion and in additional Web work for the library ) (see “Professional Activities. Information Technology: Webmaster for Sinclair Library”).

  • Advocated for and designed cooperative Library policies and procedures

Recognizing the advantages of increased cooperation and systemization, I developed the specifications for a UH statewide automated system, and am currently working on designing and maintaining UH system standards for access services ( (see “Professional Activities: UH System Standards Committee).

2. Demonstrates academic and professional leadership

•  Lectured in graduate-level education classes and supervised graduate interns and projects (see “Professional Activities: Instructional Service)

  • Served as president and past president of the Hawai‘i Voyager’s Users Group Board of Director. Besides administrative duties, these positions involved organizing the Hawai‘i User’s Group Meeting (HUGM), and presenting papers and representing the regional group at national and international conferences (

  • Professional service with the Endeavor User Group

  • I have been variously an EUG presenter, presider, panel coordinator, and chair and member of the Enhancement committee for Media Scheduling.

  • Participation in the Hawaii Library Association  ( (see “Service Activities: Meetings/Conferences/Workshops”)

  • Participation in education conferences to promote information literacy (see “Service Activities: Meetings/Conferences/Workshops”)

3. Engaged in managerial and supervisory activity

  • Manager of Operations Sinclair Library [2002-present]
  • Head, Sinclair Library [1995-1998, 2000-2002]
  • Analyst for Public Services [1993-1995]
  • Analyst for Processing Operations and Automation [1992-1993]
  • Head of Library Systems [1982-1991]