Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
Research Excellence Awards**


Asian Finance Association (AsFA)

Enter the dragon: Interactions between Chinese, US and Asia-Pacific equity markets, 1995–2010
Authors: Richard C.K. Burdekin, Pierre L. Siklos*

Investor sentiment and IPO pricing during pre-market and aftermarket periods: Evidence from Hong Kong
Authors: Li Jiang* and Gao Li

Pyramid IPOs on the Chinese Growth Enterprise Market
Authors: Martin Holmén* and Peng Wang

The Differential Impact of the Bank-Firm Relationship on IPO Underpricing: Evidence from China
Authors: Xiangchao Hao, Jing Shi and Jian Yang*

Does State Ownership Really Matter? New Evidence from China's Privatization
Authors: Yan Dong, Zhentao Liu, Zhe Shen and Qian Sun

The Informational Role of Individual Investors in Stock Pricing: Evidence from Large Individual and Small Retail Investors
Authors: Hung-Ling Chen, Edward H. Chow and Cheng-Yi Shiu

Political Connections and M&A Decisions: A Natural Experiment from the Anti-Corruption Cases in China
Authors: Qigui Liu, Tian Pei Luo, and Gary Tian 



Malaysian Finance Association (MFA)

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose: Is There Equity in Islamic Equity Funds?
Authors: Nazrol Kamil Mustaffa Kamil*, Syed Othman Alhabshi, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha and Mansur Masih

Bank Risk and Deposit Insurance Premium in A Dynamic Panel Model: Evidence from Malaysian Dual Banking System
Authors: Sharifah Adlina Syed Abdullah and Rubi Ahmad

The Predictive Accuracy of Sukuk Ratings: Multinomial Logistic and Neural Network Inferences
Authors: Tika Arundina, Mohd Azmi Omar, and Mira Kartiwi

Combining Momentum, Value, and Quality for the Islamic Equity Portfolio: Multi-Style Rotation Strategies Using Augmented Black Litterman Factor Model
Authors: Ginanjar Dewandaru, Rumi Masih, Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, and Mansur Masih

Does Muslim CEO Matters in Shariah-compliant Companies?  Evidence from Listed Firms in Malaysia
Authors: Hooy Chee Wooi and Ruhani Ali

The (Little) Difference That Makes All The Difference Between Islamic and Conventional Bonds
Authors: Saad Azmat, Michael Skully, and Kym Brown



* Corresponding Author

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