Teale Thornburg


Vice President




High School:

Pearl City High School 2009


Animal Science (Pre-Vet track)

Career Interests:



Clubs & Organizations:

- RAPS :]

- Pre-Vet Club

- Golden Key

- National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

- Leeward Junior Bowling Club

- Youth for Christ University Fellowship


Role in a Significant Project in an Organization:

Goddess for Jump Start 2010


Favorite Class:

Animal Science 453 (Animal Diseases and Their Control)

Favorite Food on Campus:

- Bentos from Campus Center's Aja

- DayPlus bread from The Market (aka Quick Zone)


What You Still Want to do Before Graduation:

Participate in the summer internship at the wildlife preserve in Kona, Hawaii to do some research on exotic animals.  And travel all around Europe...maybe.


How the Scholarship Helped You:

Not having to worry about working to earn money for tuition during the semester really allows me to focus on my studies.  In addition, I like being away from home (in the dorms) while still being at "home" on the island.  AND I love all of the friends I have made from being part of RAPS.


Why You Became an Officer:

I want to make this year enjoyable for all of the RAPSters.  Everyone works so hard, and I want to be able to plan events for us to bond and help out the community.