Regents and Presidential Scholars (RAPS)

RAPS is a student organization whose exclusive membership consists of present and former Regents and Presidential Scholars. The association's main objectives are:

  • To inform its membership of upcoming university and community events, seminars, job/internship/volunteer opportunities, and university programs such as Study Abroad or National Student Exchange;
  • To cultivate a support network of scholars who excel in a myriad of academic areas; and
  • To give something back to the University and the State of Hawai'i through various service projects and organizations.

Scholar to Scholar Day

Scholar to Scholar Day is an opportunity for prospective Regents scholars to pair up with current RAPS, take a tour of the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus, learn a little more about the Regents Scholarship, and meet other prospective scholars. Itís a great experience and tons of fun for everyone involved! Current RAPS, please keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet and volunteer to bring a prospective Regents scholar around campus!