last revised: February 2012

Article I: Identification

This organization shall be known as the "Regents and Presidential Scholars Club" (RAPS).

Article II: Purpose

The purposes of this organization shall be to:

  • Stimulate social and cultural environment for its members;
  • Build friendship and promote leadership; and
  • Make positive contributions to the community.

Article III: Members

All recipients, present or former, of the Regents and Presidential Scholarship for Academic Excellence are eligible for membership. All recipients who pay dues shall be considered members.

Article IV: Rights and Duties of Members


  • Have the right to vote;
  • Have the right to be members of committees and serve as committee chairs and officers; and
  • Should attend meetings and functions.

Article V: Structure

This organization shall consist of an Executive Board and ad-hoc committees.

Section 1: The Executive Board

  • Shall consist of
    • President who shall
      • Provide leadership and direction;
      • Run meetings; and
      • Vote only in the case of a tie, except for elections to the Executive Board.
    • Vice President who shall
      • Take the place of the President when necessary;
      • Coordinate all elections; and
      • Assume the office of the President if the President is unable to perform his/her duties.
    • Secretary who shall
      • Take minutes at all meetings;
      • Be responsible for communications between this organization and other bodies; and
      • Maintain a file of the minutes.
    • Treasurer who shall
      • Be responsible for all financial records pertaining to this organization;
      • Seek majority approval from the Executive Board before appropriating funds;
      • Direct fundraisers as needed; and
      • Collect dues.
    • Webmaster who shall
      • Be responsible for the maintenance of electronic resources pertaining to this organization, including but not limited to the website and email account; and
      • Obtain photographs and other digital records of events and activities.

Section 2: Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Shall be established by the Executive Board when necessary.
  • Shall be directed by a chairperson, who shall
    • Be appointed by the President, subject to majority approval by members' votes;
    • Report to and work with the Vice President;
    • Not serve more than once in the same position; and
    • Be a nonvoting member on the Executive Board.
  • May call and hold own meetings.

Article VI: Policies and Procedures

Section 1: Meetings

  • Will be called by the Executive Board;
  • Will be publicized by the Communications Committee; and
  • Will be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Section 2: Voting

  • Motions will be passed only with a majority vote based on the number of members present; and
  • President will vote only in the case of a tie.

Section 3: Elections

  • The Vice President shall coordinate elections;
  • Elections shall be held approximately four weeks prior to the end of the Fall Semester and shall be conducted by secret ballot;
  • Election date and nominees shall be publicized approximately one week prior to the election date;
  • If members cannot attend the election meeting, they may notify the Secretary prior to the meeting, and vote with legitimate excuse;
  • A special election shall be held if an office is vacated, and shall be conducted by secret ballot; and
  • Officers chosen by a special election shall remain eligible to run for the same position in the next regular election.

Section 4: Termination of an Officer

In the case that members feel that an Executive Board member is not fulfilling his/her duties, the latter may be removed from his/her position through the following procedure:

  • A petition for recall with the signatures of 1/4 of the membership shall be submitted to the Executive Board;
  • A forum shall be held at the next general meeting following the receipt of the petition;
  • The recall election shall be publicized approximately one week prior to the meeting;
  • A recall election shall be held at the next general meeting, and shall be conducted by secret ballot; and
  • A 2/3 majority vote is required to enact the recall.

Section 5: Dues

  • Must be paid to the Treasurer by the third meeting of each semester; and
  • Shall be set by the Executive Board.

Section 6: Amendments

  • 2/3 majority of all current members shall be necessary to pass an amendment to the Constitution;
  • Members must be notified approximately one week in advance of the vote on an amendment; and
  • The Executive Board shall review the Constitution annually.