Shawn Tahata



High School
Kalani High School, 2010

BS in Biochemistry, BA in Anthropology

Career Interests
Oncology and cancer research

Playing viola and bassoon, reading, hiking, grammar bugging, video games

Clubs and Organizations
Regents and Presidential Scholars (RAPS),
Pre-Medical Association (PMA),
Biology Club,
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS),
Golden Key International Honour Society (GK),

University of Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

Favorite Class Taken at UH
ANTH 151-Emerging Humanity (online), with Patrick Ball

Favorite Food on Campus
Turkey on Ciabatta (hold the mayo!) from Ba-Le

Future Goals Before Graduation
Get my GPA up, participate in a summer research internship, get a job as a science tutor, travel

How the Scholarship Helped You
Not having to worry about paying for school helped me to concentrate on my studies. Through RAPS, I met a lot of great people with whom I share many interests and aspirations.

Why You Became an Officer
I wanted to take on bigger responsibilities and assume a more active role in the club.