Kelly Zakimi


High School

Moanalua High School, Class of 2012


BA in History

Career Interests
History Teacher/Lawyer

Belting out songs (off-key) in the car, star gazing, watching Psych, reading, sleeping in, eating out

Clubs & Organizations
Associated Students of the University of Hawai‘i (ASUH)
Honors Student Organization (HSO)
Regents and Presidential Scholars (RAPS)
University of Hawai‘i Cru

How the Scholarship Helped You

Besides the great financial help it gave me, I got to meet some really smart, motivated, quirky, all-around awesome people. In addition, the scholarship helped me feel a greater sense of belonging here at UH.

Top Five Favorite Words  

Shooots (if this can be counted as a real word, which it totally is)

Favorite Food on Campus
Turkey & Sundried Tomato Panini from Ba-Le

Favorite Quote
"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." -Desmond Tutu

Pick an Object that Describes You Best. Explain.
A can of corn because I’m shamelessly corny.

What's the Nerdiest Thing You've Ever Done?
Read the first six books of the Harry Potter series in a week to prepare for the debut of the final installment. And then read the entire 7th installment of Harry Potter on the day it went on sale.  And then read the whole book again the next day. And then read the preceding six books again because I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget any glorious detail.