Brandon McMurtry




High School

Kaiser High School


Career Interests
After all this crazy schooling, I'd like to inevitably become a professor at a public university (such as UH) and conduct research as well as teach.

Playing Tetris, Playing Trombone (The latter doesn't allow me to have any other hobbies)

Favorite Food on Campus
"Sweet Revenge" - The pie truck by POST every Monday

How the Scholarship Helped You
The Regents Scholarship, beyond providing financial support, has given me the opportunity to meet (both directly and indirectly) some of the most fantastically interesting people currently attending UH. Over my years at UH these individuals have become role models, mentors, and most importantly, friends.

What's the nerdiest thing you've ever done?
For a project in AP Calculus I adapted a scene in Romeo and Juliet to describe taking a derivative at a point. I named the author of the calculus-based play Shake"sphere" (not one of my prouder moments).