Alex Bitter




High School

Waiakea High School

Journalism and Political Science

Career Interests
After graduation, I'd like to cover politics for a news broadcaster or publications. Specifically, I'm interested in the current conflicts that have resulted from the expansion of the European Union.

Collecting Ancient Roman coins, Metal Detecting, Trying to convince new Regents Scholars to take political science classes

Favorite Food on Campus
"The Italian" sandwich from Ba-Le

How the Scholarship Helped You
I definitely don't want to discount the financial peace of mind that the scholarship has provided. When I received it, my worries about paying for college practically disappeared overnight. Still, I must agree that the camaraderie I have found in my fellow RAPS members has been an immense benefit and made college so far truly memorable.

What's the nerdiest thing you've ever done?
When I was three years old, I took a liking to a computer game called "World Discovery Deluxe," which involved various quizzes about countries, their capital cities and other elements of geography. The consequence? Years later, I was the only one who recognized the flag of Nepal when my third grade teacher used it during a lesson in class. (Seriously, look it up. It's a very strange flag)