PURE Math Residents



Resident Advisor: Dr. Scott Chapman - Sam Houston State University

Resident Assistant: Dr. Roberto Pelayo - University Of Hawai`i at Hilo

Graduate Assistant: Christopher O’Neill - Duke University


Marly Corrales Marcos - University of Southern California

Emelie Curl - Bryn Mawr College

Staci Gleen - Langston University

Felix Gotti - University of Florida

Jason Haarmann - Eastern Illinois University

Theo McKenzie - Harvard University

Christopher Miller - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Andrew Miller - Amherst College

Aleesha Moran - McKendree University

Dhir Patel - Rutgers University

Katrina Quinata - University of Guam

Sherilyn Tamagawa - Scripps College

    The Residents topics introduced twelve advanced undergraduates to cancellative commutative monoids. The Residents Program was directed by Dr. Scott Chapman, with assistance from Dr. Roberto Pelayo and Christopher O’Neill.

Course Descriptions

Cancellative Commutative Monoids - This second year of the PURE Math Residents program focused on factorization questions in commutative monoids.  Unlike the multiplicative natural numbers, many monoid have non-unique factorization.  The 2013 projects focused on measuring this non-uniqueness in various types of monoids, including numerical monoids, arithmetic congruence monoids, and block monoids.

Research Projects

All projects were directed by Dr. Scott Chapman

The Catenary Degree of Elements in Numerical Monoids

Marly Corrales, Andrew Miller, Chris Miller and Dhir Patel

Abstract          Technical Paper            Presentation

How Far is a Chicken McNugget From Being Prime? And Almost Everything Else a Mathemetician Could Possibly Want to Know About Chicken McNugget

Emelie Curl, Staci Gleen, and Katrina Quinata

Abstract          Technical Paper            Presentation

Leamer Monoids as a Special Case of the Huneke-Wiegand Conjecture

Jason Haarmann, Ashlee Kalauli, Aleesha Moran, and Christopher O’Neill

Abstract          Technical Paper            Presentation

Sub-deltas of B(Zn)

Felix Gotti

Abstract          Technical Paper            Presentation

Exploring the Catenary Degrees of Singular Arithmetical Congruence Monoids

Theo McKenzie and Sherilyn Tamagawa

Abstract          Technical Paper            Presentation