PURE Math Program



Dr. Federico Ardila

San Francisco State University

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Cube Complexes, Curvature, and Moving Robots efficiently

Dr. Bernardo Abrego

California State University, Northridge

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Convex Polygons in Finite Point-Sets in the Plane

Dr. Silvia Fernandez-Merchant

California State University, Northridge

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Crossing Numbers of the Complete Graph

Dr. Michael Dorff

Brigham Young University, Utah

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Shortest paths, soap films, and mathematics

Dr. Rosa Orellana

Dartmouth College

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An Introduction to Representation Theory

    The second year of PURE Math includes both the Interns and the inaugural year of the Residents program. The Interns topics introduced twelve undergraduates to the Theory of Algebras (Leavitt-Path Algebras) and Discrete Morse Theory. The Residents topics introduced twelve advanced undergraduates to computational algebraic geometry / commutative algebra and applied these theoretical tools to projects in celestial mechanics on central configurations.

Dr. Luis García-Puente

Sam Houston State University

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The Sandpile Group of a Book Graph

Dr. Michelle Manes

University of Hawai`i at Mānoa

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Making a Divergent Series Converge