This page is designed to provide instructions to students enrolling in CHEM 100 (CRN35151). This information is also in the syllabus. Students are responsible for understanding and abiding by these rules. E-mail for clarification.




Available to students at any time of the week and during the whole semester

Internet Connection

Available to students at any time of the week and during the whole semester. The connection needs to be reliable. No excuse is accepted for bad connection or connection problem.


Students are required to use their uhunix email ( for communication. Check your Laulima account daily for course information and messages. If students would rather use an alternative email, they are responsible for forwarding their mail. Students are expected to know how to send email with attachment.


Students are responsible for the computer technology; that is, students ought to be able to install software, bypass internet blockers, and popup blockers as well as being able to modify firewall preferences if needed. It is student’s responsibility to ensure those requirements.


A solid browser is needed to connect for the mandatory synchronous discussion on M and W at 10am to 12 noon. Firefox is the best candidate. If you use other browsers, you responsible to fix all problems that will occur.


Java plugin needs to be installed in students browser (test your JVM). Using Microsoft Java version (XP) should work as well; make sure you test it to. Advice: USE FIREFOX only DO NOT USE IE and use the SUN version of Java (above link) because I will not provide support for this. (Firefox is a reasonable alternative).


Flash needs to be installed to connect to synchronous discussion sessions and to View the lectures online.

Required Weekly online discussions

Students should allocate every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon for synchronous discussion. Attendance and participation is worth up to 10% of your grade.  These sessions are to partial summarize the chapter, to explain more difficult concepts, and for students to solve problems in “groups” and to ask questions.
If time permits you will solve problems in these discussion/recitation sessions groups of 4-5 people. You can interact with your group and decide how to solve problems. You will be graded on completion of the problems. This exercise will develop problem solving skills and will give you an opportunity to help each other thereby reinforcing your knowledge. I will be available to answer questions and give hints when necessary.
The online discussion will be through Collaborate.

It is suggested to have a microphone: discussion can be done much faster. You are required to have working speakers so that even if you do not have a microphone, you will still be able to hear my explanations and answers.



None. You will be assessed by quizzes and exams only.


All exams must be taken in a proctored testing center. Exams will be available at the testing center in the Lama library on the Kapi'olani Community College campus (KapCC). If you are not on Oahu, you are responsible for arrangements at a proctored testing center on a campus near you and notify me when you make arrangements. There are six exams in the semester each covering 2-4 chapters. Students are required to bring a picture ID to obtain the exam. No electronic devices other than calculators are allowed during the exam, i.e. no electronic dictionaries.
Quizzes will be on W at a proctored testing center. Exams are available about on scheduled Fridays only. NO EXCEPTIONS! If your schedule does not allow you go to the testing center on these days DO NOT REGISTER for this class-YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE. If you are not on the island of Oahu, you will need to make arrangements with your testing center to take the exams there.
No curve is applied to students grade, and the standard letter allocation is used (A for 100-90, B for 89-80, C for 79-70, D for 69-60, F for 59 or below).


Basic Chemistry, third edition by Karen Timberlake and William Timberlake. Prentice Hall, 2010. The publisher will print a special version for Kapiolani Community College with an access code to register for online homework (mastering chemistry) and the publisher website for tutorials, practice quizzes, etc. The ISBN number for a custom edition of the text for KapCC with an access code to online homework is 9780558571337.

Success in the course

This material covered in the course becomes progressively more difficult. Chemistry is a quantitative science and thus, requires algebraic skills. Success involves diligent reading and completion of homework according to the schedule and online discussion.

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