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Websites and Links

Here are some useful links that you may use to help you answer your questions about pharmacy school and more!

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII HOMEPAGE: Here is the the University's homepage. This is useful for finding information about the school including school events, colleges, and more.

PRE-HEALTH/PRE-LAW ADVISING CENTER: The pre-health/pre-law advising center (PAC) located in Sinclair Room 108 offers students with acedemic advising, orientations, workshops, and other services that can help you succeed as a pre-pharmacy student. Visit their website to learn more or make an appointment.

PHARMCAS HOMEPAGE: The Pharmacy College Application Service website can help you with questions about applying to a pharmacy school, your application, important dates and more.

PCAT HOMEPAGE: The Pharmacy College Admissions Test is needed for admission to some pharmacy schools. For information about the PCAT, go to this webpage.

NATURAL SCIENCE PAGE: For those interested or are a part of the College of Natural Sciences, check out this page.

BIOLOGY PAGE: For those interested, or are majoring in Biology, check out this page.

CHEMISTRY PAGE:For those interested, or are majoring in Chemistry, check out this page.

ACCREDITED PHARMACY SCHOOLS: Information on different preaccredited/accredited pharmacy schools for those looking and applying to schools after graduation.

NAPLEX PASSING RATES: Passing rates per pharmacy schools from 2012 - 2014.