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Department of Microbiology
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Snyder 315, 2538 The Mall
Honolulu, Hawaii  96822

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Current Members

Philip C. Loh, Professor and Head of the Laboratory

Zerong You, PhD Student
Adrianne Cadorna, MS Student
Nica Pyron, MS Student
Michael Okura, MS Student
Scott Menor, MS Student
Laarni Sumibcay, Lab Technician

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Current Projects

Our laboratory is currently involved in several research projects relating to
virus diseases of aquatic animals, particularly the penaeid shrimp.
Among the current projects are:

  Development of simple, rapid, specific and sensitive enzyme immunoassays

    for white spot virus (WSV, also called WSSV, CBV, WSBV, PmNOBII, PRDV)
    and yellow-head virus (YHV).

Characterization and sequencing of the genomes of WSV and YHV. Development of primary and continuous cell cultures of shrimp and lobster cells. Example HR

Library of Virus Images

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Recent Publications

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