A LISTSERV (e-mail discussion list) on Catherine the Great of Russia, founded in 1996 (the bicentennial of her death).

This listserv discussion (EKATERINA-L) is devoted to scholarly consultation about the life and times and impact of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia (1729-96). We welcome participation from scholars in many fields and accept contributions in English as well as Catherine's main modern Western languages: Russian, German, and French.
We invite your active participation in EKATERINA-L, addressing questions such as these:
-- What does the reception of Catherine the Great in her day and now tell us about women and power?
-- What are the issues (cultural, political, ethnic, national, literary) that are raised when a German princess becomes the Russian Empress?
-- What is Catherine's importance as a collector and preserver of art and arts?
-- What are important aspects of the cultural period in multi-cultural Russia and what were her contributions to it?
-- How is Catherine, or is she not, a Russian? -- How is she, or is she not, an Enlightenment figure?

We invite more questions and as many answers and parts of answers as any of us can come up with.

By subscribing to the list, you let other scholars know of your interest in the issues Catherine raises, in Catherine as historical or cultural figure, in this time period, and in professional and scholarly events related to Catherine the Great.
We seek scholars in many fields, such as eighteenth-century studies, Russian studies, women's studies, history, literature, theater, music, art. Please let your colleagues know!

How to subscribe:

Send an email message to this address: LISTPROC@HAWAII.EDU

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Within a day of getting your message (unless we, the "list owners" get really tied up away from our computers), you will receive confirmation that you are signed on. We look forward to a lively and informative discussion.

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