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• Articles in international or national refereed journals:

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• Other Publications:

  • Imagining the Filipino American Diaspora: Transnational Relations, Identities and Communities (1998)
    ISBN: 0-8153-3183-5 (New York: Garland Publishing)
  • The Japanese American Contemporary Experience in Hawaiʻi (ed.) (2002)
    ISBN: 0-8248-2687-6 (Social Process in Hawaiʻi, vol. 41)
  • Filipino American History, Identity and Community in Hawaiʻi (ed.) (1996)
    ISBN: 0-0737-6871 (Social Process in Hawaiʻi, vol. 37)
  • Ethnicity and Inequality in Hawaiʻi (2008)
    ISBN: 978-159213756 (Philadelphia: Temple University Press)


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