Kapiolani Community CollegeC4ward

What is C4ward?

C4ward stands for Collaborative Circle for Creative Change. The model is rooted in the following social science and adult learning theories: the community of practice, professional learning communities, apprenticeship and andragogy. In this model, faculty of similar interests and needs in personal and professional development will come together and learn from each other. The group is organized and facilitated by a trained facilitator, which is referred as concierge. One C4ward is one group of faculty formed around a common interest or need. It is used as countable noun, as in "We planned to have four C4wards next semester."

Three Goals of C4ward

Goal 1: C4ward aims to increase awareness of the professional development, professional relationship-building, and support, leadership development, well-being activity opportunities among all faculty at the College. (KNOW)

Goal 2: C4ward aims to maintain and improve faculty excellence by providing resources and opportunities for all faculty' professional and personal development in pedagogy, professional pathways, professional relationship-building, leadership, and well-being. (DO)

Goal 3: C4ward aims to enhance morale and sense of trust among faculty, to empower faculty to be confident, responsible, willing, and able to exercise institutional responsibilities and to seek and provide help for professional and personal development. (EMPOWER)

Main Sequence of C4ward Development

Main Sequence



Evaluation Structure of C4ward

Description: Description: Description: evalstructure



Data Collection and Assessment – A Guide to Concierges





Every session

Each Concierge completes the concierge's log and sign the consent form on the last page.


Each concierge has one unique link to the log and the results. To view the results you need the password that the evaluator sent to you before.

First Session

Concierge distribute C4ward Evaluation Confidentiality Policy

Make sure circle member understand that their individual data is protected and they will not evaluated as an individual.

Concierge assign a C4ward ID to each participants and give the ID list to the Yao Hill, the evaluator of C4ward. Click the document icon to the left to document the template.

Send to Yao within first month of the new semester.

Concierge encourage all group members to complete Faculty Participation Consent Form


C4ward will be evaluated regardless, but if members sign, their results can be included (in aggregate format) in any research publications about C4ward and C4ward evaluation.

Guide the participants to think about how to impact students through what they plan to do and how to measure the impact, by using: Student Success Outcomes Worksheet

For those who did not intend to make immediate changes in their classroom or for non-teaching faculty, ask them to think about clear, measurable, concrete, and practical objectives that they want to achieve.

Have all the members complete the C4Ward Faculty Intake Form (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C4wardintake)



Ask your participants to complete the FaCES survey when the survey is out.


Ask participants to complete Midterm Report Survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C4wardMidterm)

Deadlines will be 3/10 and 10/10.

End of Term

Tell participants to ask for Course Level CCSSE survey from Yao Hill or the evaluator of the C4ward at the Office for Institutional Effectiveness.

Only use the surveys (both the paper-and-pencil form and online form) produced by OFIE to ensure OFIE can process the data.

Ask participants to complete End-of-Semester Report Survey



Mission Statement of C4ward

"To improve student success and move the campus forward in collaborative, creative, and collegial way with faculty and staff in the center of innovation, improvement, and self-acculturation."