Nurit Kirshenbaum

Welcome to my page! My name is Nurit Kirshenbaum, and I'm a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the department of Information and Computer Science. I am interested in Human Computer Interaction and, more specifically, the design of TUI (Tangible User Interface) systems. My advisor is Prof. Scott Robertson and I am part of the HICHI lab.

This webpage showcases some of the work I've done as part of my degrees, research, or fun. If you would like to provide any feedback about my work, please contact me via nuritk <at> hawaii <dot> edu. You can see my CV here.

Photo of Nurit Kirshenbaum
Pepa Deck - Interactive Cards

I am currently working on a set of interactive playing cards. This video presents the first prototype of the cards. Information about this project will be collected in the Pepa deck page.


Set&Motion is an authoring tool for sensors/actuators based interactive shows. The authoring tool uses state machines as a form of programming the show, thus hoping to help users understand and practice this form of abstraction. This video was made for a demo in UIST 2015. Information about this project will be collected in the Set&Motion page.

Logic gates video

As part of a flash animation class while working on my Master's in Interactive Media, I've made this explanatory video about logic gates. There was also an accompanying logic gates flash game that no longer exists. The video has gained some popularity (with over 100K views) which makes me wonder if I should make more basic EE videos.

Other Work

Some other work is discussed in the Courses tab. Most of the work done for my Master's in Interactive Media is no longer on the web and included some flash games, user-centered design documents, a wordpress template, some writing, and some videos (the publicly available videos are found on my youTube channel).