ICS 361 -- Artificial Intelligence Programming

Grading and Exam Information

Your grade in this course is based on assignments and exams. The weight of each component can be found on the syllabus. There will be several (7 or 8) written and/or programming assignments. An early submission bonus may be earned or late penalty assessed as described in the assignments page. Grading is done on an absolute scale in this course. If a student has To earn a C (passing grade), you must earn at least a score of 74%.

Exam Information There will be one written midterm (in two parts over two days) and a cumulative final examination. The dates of the midterm and final are shown on the Schedule Page (pdf)
Exams cover the material in lectures, textbooks, handouts and assignments up to the exam date.
Question Types include True/False, multiple choice, short answer, program comprehension, code design and writing, and graphical representations of data or computation.

Exams will be open book, but no notes or crib sheets. No calculators, cell phones, or other electronic devices are allowed.
The following resources are allowed during the midterm and/or final exam.

Extra Credit Each exam will have extra credit question(s) worth at least 10% of the regular points on the exam.

Makeup Exam Policy There will be no make-up exams without written verification of an emergency that prevents you from attending the exam. Make up exams, if allowed, may be written and/or oral. There will be no early final exams.

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